Dusit Thai Closing at the End of the Month

A few BIA agents tipped us off to this, and Reader Nina delivered a photo, so we bring you the news: Dusit Thai restaurant on Mission (at Fair) is closing at the end of the month. The reason is a wholesome: The owners are retiring. But the loss will be felt, so get your pad thai on while you still can.

PHOTO: Reader Nina

7 thoughts on “Dusit Thai Closing at the End of the Month

  1. That’s a bummer, me likey.

    It’s a good thing Pad Thai is right down the street.

    More power to him or her for retiring, though.

  2. Our delivery guy told us about this last week. He said that although Dusit was closing, a Vietnamese and Thai place was opening in the same spot.

  3. I’m very sad to lose Dusit. I have really enjoyed their food over the years, and in my opinion it’s the best Thai delivery in the area.

    I especially remember getting take-out for my wife and sneaking it into St Lukes when she was in there!!

    Notable menu items…. The special Duck curry with Pineapple. Epic.

  4. So sad! I love the food at this place and the 2 brothers that usually wait tables are the friendliest ever! Do we know if it’s their parent(s) that are retiring? Any other info on what might go in here?

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