Pint-Sized Entrepreneurs Peddle Premium Sidewalk Perfume

Locavore Perfume

Locavore Perfume

Once upon a time, children learned business basics by selling lemonade to sidewalk passers-by. But not anymore — and not in Bernalwood.

Today’s young entrepreneurs aim highter. They have an eye for style, a clear bead on the urban lifestyle, and a shrewd desire to move up the value-chain. So why sell cups of lemonade for a quarter when you can sell cups of homemade floral perfume for a buck instead?

Last weekend I noticed that Hattie, Lidia, and Bella have set up a self-serve perfume stand on Prospect Street (near Virginia) to sell their own, all-natural, locally produced Behali Perfume. What’s Behali Perfume, you ask? Quite honestly, I have no idea. I even looked it up on the Google, and came up with nothing.

Then it hit me: Behali Perfume must be the brand!!!

That’s right: Not only do these nano-entrepreneurs have their eye on the luxury market, they also understand the importance of establishing a distinctive identity in a crowded marketplace. Sure, the kids have some work to do in the typography, spelling, and logo departments… but check out the actual merchandise, which the girls arrayed on the sidewalk right below their sign:

Locavore Perfume

As you can see, Behali Perfume is already thinking about package design. Wow. Wow. Wow.

If you’d like to support these kiddie capitalists, look for their products on a finer sidewalk near you. Watch out, Kiehl’s. Beware, Body Shop.  The rest of us should probably get in now, while the price is still affordable… before the IPO, and before we find ouseselves in the awkward position of having to ask Hattie, Lidia, and/or Bella for a job.

UPDATE: Herr Doktor theorizes…

Behali = BElla, HAttie, LIdia… or at least that is my guess.

Woa. Further proof that those kids are pretty clever.

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4 thoughts on “Pint-Sized Entrepreneurs Peddle Premium Sidewalk Perfume

  1. I am so pleased and proud of my grandgirls plus 1—–Actually, Bahali perfume is
    made from flowers in Hattie’s garden—-

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