Pint-Sized Entrepreneurs Peddle Premium Sidewalk Perfume

Locavore Perfume

Locavore Perfume

Once upon a time, children learned business basics by selling lemonade to sidewalk passers-by. But not anymore — and not in Bernalwood.

Today’s young entrepreneurs aim highter. They have an eye for style, a clear bead on the urban lifestyle, and a shrewd desire to move up the value-chain. So why sell cups of lemonade for a quarter when you can sell cups of homemade floral perfume for a buck instead?

Last weekend I noticed that Hattie, Lidia, and Bella have set up a self-serve perfume stand on Prospect Street (near Virginia) to sell their own, all-natural, locally produced Behali Perfume. What’s Behali Perfume, you ask? Quite honestly, I have no idea. I even looked it up on the Google, and came up with nothing.

Then it hit me: Behali Perfume must be the brand!!!

That’s right: Not only do these nano-entrepreneurs have their eye on the luxury market, they also understand the importance of establishing a distinctive identity in a crowded marketplace. Sure, the kids have some work to do in the typography, spelling, and logo departments… but check out the actual merchandise, which the girls arrayed on the sidewalk right below their sign:

Locavore Perfume

As you can see, Behali Perfume is already thinking about package design. Wow. Wow. Wow.

If you’d like to support these kiddie capitalists, look for their products on a finer sidewalk near you. Watch out, Kiehl’s. Beware, Body Shop.  The rest of us should probably get in now, while the price is still affordable… before the IPO, and before we find ouseselves in the awkward position of having to ask Hattie, Lidia, and/or Bella for a job.

UPDATE: Herr Doktor theorizes…

Behali = BElla, HAttie, LIdia… or at least that is my guess.

Woa. Further proof that those kids are pretty clever.

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Artist Creates Travel Accessory for Homesick Bernalians


Last weekend I found a must-have accessory for high-powered Bernal Heights executives who travel regularly for business.

I got it at “Cries of San Francisco,” a pop-up event in Mint Plaza downtown that was organized by the artsy folk at Southern Exposure:

The Cries of San Francisco is an interdisciplinary project that invites participants to make and sell crafted wares on Market Street, while “crying out” publicly on subjects of their own choosing. Merchants of food, flowers, sand, and matches; charcoal vendors and chimney-sweeps; basket sellers, knife and scissor grinders, chair menders, and love song writers: in urban folklore, whether as trickster border-crossers or as anchorless outcasts, street criers represent a liminal space between worlds. Questioning the essentialized personification of trades that historically locate economies of craft in and on the body, and by using the framework of historic street cries to articulate new subject positions, this project presents participants with an opportunity to consider their roles in historical processes.

Yeah. That. Anyway, one the peddlers was selling these cute pocket-sized transparency viewers, each of which contained an image of a San Francisco neighborhood. There was even one for Bernal Hill:

Bernal Hill City Viewer

Of course I bought it. And when I held it up to my eye, here’s what I saw inside:

Pocket Viewer

Oooh! Genius! A high-tech marvel! An instant cure for homesickness! Never runs out of batteries! Fits easily in any pocket, purse, or briefcase. Can be used anytime, in any hotel, aircraft, or mahogany-lined corporate boardroom! Someone needs to start selling these on Cortland Avenue — and in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

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Apartment Therapy *Hearts* This Bernalwood Home

As if we needed any further validation of Bernalwood’s glam and panache, two of our own have a newly published House Tour that’s now up on the decor-obsessed website Apartment Therapy:

Name: Laura and Zev
Location: Bernal Heights — San Francisco, California
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years lived in: 2 — owned

Becoming a homeowner changes your perspective on the space you call home — at least it has for Laura and Zev. When they moved into their new home in Bernal Heights from the Mission two years ago they began to see their home as a true reflection of themselves. They strayed from the loud, flashy colors they painted on the walls of their previous rental and opted for a simpler, cozier way to express their love for color.

Read the entire House Tour here.

For Sale on eBay: A Super Souvenir of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard

Although no contemporary realtor would ever use the words “Bernal Heights” and “Hunter’s Point” in the same sentence, the fact of the matter is that the history of the two neighborhoods are closely intertwined. That’s because once upon a time, the now-abandoned San Francisco Naval Shipyard at Hunter’s Point employed tens of thousands of San Franciscans, and many of those workers lived in Bernal Heights.

Right now there’s a super souvenir of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard for sale on eBay, with hilarious typos included in the auction listing at no extra charge:

WW2 San Francisco NAVEL ShipYard U S NAVY DUTY OFFICER BOARD, What great slice of San francisco Navy history……. maybe a gift to someone who worked there,,,,????

The item is offered by some guy in Martinez, and the auction starts at $9.99, plus ten bucks for shipping. Place your bids!

PS: Don’t worry about competition from me; I’ve already got my wall-size slice of the shipyard, so I don’t need another.