For Sale on eBay: A Super Souvenir of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard

Although no contemporary realtor would ever use the words “Bernal Heights” and “Hunter’s Point” in the same sentence, the fact of the matter is that the history of the two neighborhoods are closely intertwined. That’s because once upon a time, the now-abandoned San Francisco Naval Shipyard at Hunter’s Point employed tens of thousands of San Franciscans, and many of those workers lived in Bernal Heights.

Right now there’s a super souvenir of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard for sale on eBay, with hilarious typos included in the auction listing at no extra charge:

WW2 San Francisco NAVEL ShipYard U S NAVY DUTY OFFICER BOARD, What great slice of San francisco Navy history……. maybe a gift to someone who worked there,,,,????

The item is offered by some guy in Martinez, and the auction starts at $9.99, plus ten bucks for shipping. Place your bids!

PS: Don’t worry about competition from me; I’ve already got my wall-size slice of the shipyard, so I don’t need another.

3 thoughts on “For Sale on eBay: A Super Souvenir of the San Francisco Naval Shipyard

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