Artist Creates Travel Accessory for Homesick Bernalians


Last weekend I found a must-have accessory for high-powered Bernal Heights executives who travel regularly for business.

I got it at “Cries of San Francisco,” a pop-up event in Mint Plaza downtown that was organized by the artsy folk at Southern Exposure:

The Cries of San Francisco is an interdisciplinary project that invites participants to make and sell crafted wares on Market Street, while “crying out” publicly on subjects of their own choosing. Merchants of food, flowers, sand, and matches; charcoal vendors and chimney-sweeps; basket sellers, knife and scissor grinders, chair menders, and love song writers: in urban folklore, whether as trickster border-crossers or as anchorless outcasts, street criers represent a liminal space between worlds. Questioning the essentialized personification of trades that historically locate economies of craft in and on the body, and by using the framework of historic street cries to articulate new subject positions, this project presents participants with an opportunity to consider their roles in historical processes.

Yeah. That. Anyway, one the peddlers was selling these cute pocket-sized transparency viewers, each of which contained an image of a San Francisco neighborhood. There was even one for Bernal Hill:

Bernal Hill City Viewer

Of course I bought it. And when I held it up to my eye, here’s what I saw inside:

Pocket Viewer

Oooh! Genius! A high-tech marvel! An instant cure for homesickness! Never runs out of batteries! Fits easily in any pocket, purse, or briefcase. Can be used anytime, in any hotel, aircraft, or mahogany-lined corporate boardroom! Someone needs to start selling these on Cortland Avenue — and in the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

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2 thoughts on “Artist Creates Travel Accessory for Homesick Bernalians

  1. This is my favorite view from Bernal. I know it’s not as glamorous as downtown or as ominous as Sutro Tower. Glad to see it’s finally getting the respect it deserves.

    • WOW!!! This is Magnificent! Bernal is one of my favorite places of all San Fransisco. I love the view from Bernal and I now know that I love the artsy, ingenious individual that put this together.

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