Bikini Jogger Spotted, Briefly, by Puzzled Bernal Neighbor

bernalbikini This morning brings a fleeting glimpse of Bernal’s fast-moving Bikini Jogger. Neighbor Jonathan logged it:

Bernal bikini jogger sighting – 1/28, morning.

While starting my car I noticed a yellow blur in the rear view. Puzzlement soon turned to excitement, realizing I was witnessing a mythical Bernal celeb – the bikini jogger. By the time I came to my senses to record the event, she slipped back into the Bernal foliage and quickly out of sight.

20 thoughts on “Bikini Jogger Spotted, Briefly, by Puzzled Bernal Neighbor

      • I thought San Francisco was the city of “live and let live.” It’s nobody’s business why she jogs in that attire, and her doing so isn’t an invitation for you to drool on her.

  1. Perhaps we should start photographing the manly bearded lesbians at Wild Side West, to discuss why they dress that way.

  2. I’m new to Bernal within the last year and find it offensive that residents of this otherwise charming part of SF forget that they are part of SF when it comes to this woman getting her exercise. Who cares – why live in SF if you are so concerned about a person’s attire! This seems like adult bullying to me. grow up.

  3. oh holier than thou people…get a life. She runs in a bikini, that is not the norm, it is a novelty, her sightings have been cause for excitement to some and a big yawn to others. We can all find interest in whatever we want. Nobody has made lascivious remarks about her, if they are drooling they are doing so in private. When you flash the flesh in public you gotta take it in stride (yes, pun intended).

    • Not the norm? This is San “not the norm” Francisco. The curiosity over her is all about sexuality.

      She doesn’t care, why should you? When people start posting photos of the bearded ladies at Wild Side, I’ll accept your “not the norm” explanation.

      • Sexuality? Perhaps you are projecting. Go back to the original post about the Bikini Jogger. It’s all explained right there. The appeal lies not in sexuality, but in mystery and ephemerality, and the appreciation thereof.

  4. I wonder, did Bernalese, Man and Noe Monkey get together (long ago) in a single night of unbridled and illicit passion to produce the all-knowing sage David Kaye as their bastard spawn?

  5. She puts up with a lot – I’ve seen people heckle her and shout rude things to her back. It’s crazy how triggering she is for some people!

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