Harvest Dispensary Begins Legal, Recreational Cannabis Sales in Bernal Heights

Customers wait to enter the Harvest dispensary on 29th Street in Bernal Heights on Saturday afternoon.

Last weekend, Harvest off Mission at 33 29th Street became the first dispensary to offer legal, recreational cannabis sales in Bernal Heights.

It took Harvest off Mission a few days to line up their permits, so recreational sales didn’t get underway until last Saturday, Jan. 13. Anyone over 21 years and older can now enter the store with a government-issued ID.

The legal sale of recreational marijuana began in California on Jan 1. The first dispensaries permitted to sell recreational marijuana opened in San Francisco a few days later, on Jan.  6, owing to a delay by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  California voters approved Prop 64, which legalized recreational marijuana sales, in 2016.

The dispensary on 29th Street is not new, of course. Harvest, the current occupants of the storefront, have been offering medial cannabis at that location since December 2016. Before that, the space was used by another  dispensary  called Bernal Heights Collective.

First-time customers at Harvest may feel the most remarkable thing about it is how rather unremarkable it seems. The interior of the store is airy and modern, with curated selection of cannabis edibles and flower products arranged neatly on the shelves. (The menu is available online too.)

At a glance, it looks like the kind of shop that might sell fancy desserts,  or fresh-pressed juices, or artisanal coffee. But here, in 2018 San Francisco, it’s the first store permitted to sell legal, recreational marijuana in Bernal Heights.

Here’s a fact sheet Harvest shared with Bernalwood:

3 thoughts on “Harvest Dispensary Begins Legal, Recreational Cannabis Sales in Bernal Heights

  1. The picture on this post kind of reminds me of the line for bread at Tartine:

    Except Tartine’s line is much longer and their customers don’t look totally disengaged from the world.

  2. CA screwed the pooch with legalization, creating a draconian system for production and distribution, and making the weed ripe for excessive taxation. It’s treated like it’s worse than alcohol! You have to pay $1 for a special zip lock envelope to carry your purchase outside!

    WA and OR did legalization the right way.

    At Green Cross they told me the medicinal users have stopped coming due to the lines.

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