Critics Are Talking About Weed from Bernal Heights Collective

Bernal Heights Collective

In the Age of Yelp, everyone is a critic — even the customers of Bernal Heights Collective, our eponymous medical marijuana merchant.

Here’s what one capitalization-challenged test pilot had to say about the local product at F*ckYeahWeed, a blog “dedicated to all that are in love with that special girl, Mary Jane, as well as the art and culture that come along with her”:

Purple Sour Wax, Bernal Heights Collective, San Francisco, California

this indica dominant wax is quite heavy on the purple, with a glued to the couch [sic], i can hardly keep my eyes open kind of fade. i bought it thinking the sour would make it so i would be able to smoke it before work but i was wrong, hah. it’s still really enjoyably, even if you aren’t a huge fan of heavy indicas, like myself. it’s got a really sour taste and i really like it, it’s just so deceptive! but all in all, for $25 a gram, i’d say it was a good buy.

PHOTOS: Top, Telstar Logistics. Below, F*ckYeahWeed.

4 thoughts on “Critics Are Talking About Weed from Bernal Heights Collective

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