Old Devil Moon Launches Weekend Brunch Service

Old Devil Moon is already known for the tasty Cajun food and cocktails they serve nightly at 3472 Mission Street, near the intersection with Cortland. Now co-owner Chris Cohen tells Bernalwood that ODM will also open early on weekends for brunch, starting this Saturday:

We’re excited to announce we’re launching Saturday and Sunday brunch at Old Devil Moon beginning this coming weekend, Dec 9th and 10th!

We’re calling it Black Magic Brunch, and so far the reactions to the dishes and drinks during our word-of-mouth soft opening test run have been overwhelmingly positive.

We can’t wait to have the public come check it out. We’re also stoked to be opening at 11AM on Saturday and Sunday from now on (rather than 5PM), so we can serve hungry and thirsty patrons all day long.

Naturally, ODM’s brunch menu leans heavily on hearty favorites such as shrimp and grits, fried chicken and biscuits, huevos rancheros, and loco moco. There’s also a tasty selection of breackfast cocktails as well. Check out the complete bunch menu right here.

PHOTO: Inside Old Devil Moon, courtesy of Old Devil Moon

4 thoughts on “Old Devil Moon Launches Weekend Brunch Service

  1. $6.66 for a SIDE ORDER?!
    you status quo-endorsing successful 21st Century recent Bernal arrivals with money burning holes in your pockets won’t have to worry about me sitting at the next table.

    • Right, because I am sure they are paying 19th century rents, and ripping us off……

      Seriously folks, don’t go out, sit at home. Your attitude is filling enough. And I am sure you are doing heaps of activity to help make this city affordable in all your spare time…

  2. Well, for me, it’s nice to see this. I’ll be checking it out. My budget is low, but that place has intrigued me when I’ve been having lunch across the street at Angkor Borei, one of my favorite restaurants in the city.

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