At Community Safety Meeting, City Officials Promise Action After Banks Street Gunfire

There was a community meeting last Wednesday to discuss the circumstances surrounding the disturbing gunfire that erupted during a mid-October party at 212 Banks Street.

Neighbor Rebecca lives near the Banks Street house where the gunfire occurred, and she attended the meeting on Wednesday. Here’s her summary of the discussion:

The community meeting at BHNC went really well. Lots of neighbors (at least 60) showed up, which demonstrated community engagement, and the leaders who were present.

Supervisor Hillary Ronen, Captain Jack Hart, and Kevin Guy from the City’s short-term rentals office all remarked on the involvement of neighbors.

When someone asked about forming a formal Neighborhood Watch, Captain Jack Hart basically said, “no need for that – you guys ARE that!” Airbnb has offered to pay for any damage from the party’s fallout; repairing windows and cars with bullet holes.

SFPD has stepped up patrols and is taking this incredibly seriously. Captain Hart outlined lots of ways that they are ensuring that this “NEVER happens again.” That means foot patrols, closer contact with short-term lease oversight, gang task force outreach, etc. He reiterated how unusual and shocking this incident was, even to him.

The meeting was very focused on the Banks Street incident and how they’re working to avert any future such problems. One woman did ask about other issues: She acknowledged that we were here to discuss the Banks Street event, but she also wanted to know how SFPD is addressing the issues more regular, recurring problems. Specifically: package theft and car break-ins.

Captain Hart said they’re working on all of these things, and that his biggest request is that people report ANY and ALL crimes we see. He said that he pulled over a stolen car full of stolen goods with identifying info, and none of those theft victims had reported it and he was so frustrated. Always report car break-ins, report package thefts, and if you see anything in progress call 911 and let THEM triage it — don’t just write it off that police are doing “more important” things elsewhere.

Captain Hart is committed to Bernal almost to the point of absurdity; during the meeting he was rattling off street names and his family’s personal history, and he threatened to get a tattoo that said “212 Banks.”

Suffice to say, I think we’re in good hands.

9 thoughts on “At Community Safety Meeting, City Officials Promise Action After Banks Street Gunfire

  1. Wow, contrast this to the Mission police station. While the new captain sounds somewhat more engaged, I am reminded of the Mission police recently letting hundreds of likely stolen bikes be taken away because there weren’t serial numbers – nothing about descriptions of bikes and certainly begging of people to report above all else. We are repeatedly told by dispatch that no one will come because they are too busy.

    • So I think those bike were actually taken from Burning Man – 4000 bikes were left on the Playa this year and luckily people and and took truckloads of them so they weren’t left behind.

  2. Rebecca, thank you for taking such clear and concise notes. I wasn’t able to make the meeting so it is very appreciated to get the information.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca! We weren’t able to attend but live on the 300 block of Banks Street. Our 3 year old dayghter’s room is at the front of the house and the thought that a stray bullet could have hit her was alarming to say the least. Both of our neighbor’s cars were damaged and I’ll make sure they are aware Airbnb is footing the bill!

  4. So it did turn out to be an AirBnB rental after all (and not some other service)? It’s kind of funny they way they verify people. I can’t get an AirBnB account without faxing them my drivers license because I don’t have a Facebook account.I guess all their “security verification” stuff is just a big show (much like TSA).

    • People lie about who they are all the time. It’s really up to the host to vet the potential renter. Even with that you never know what kind of guest you will get. This is more the home owners fault rather than Airbnb. Airbnb is just a listing site.

  5. Isn’t this more the fault of the people who rented the place and shot up the street, rather than the homeowners fault? If they had declined to rent to them based on seeing a bunch of Latin gang references on their Facebook page, for example, I’m sure they would have been vilified for discrimination.

      • Why not blame Airbnb? As I understand it, the owner of the building doesn’t even live here.

        From the SF Examiner: “The 212 Banks St. listing was denied city registration to host short-term rentals in 2016. If Campos’ law barring unregistered rentals from being listed was in place, that would’ve been the end of the story.

        But Airbnb sued, and the law’s implementation was frozen. Unregistered Airbnb users were allowed to stay on the platform.

        In May, San Francisco and Airbnb finally settled. Now, the process of slowly delisting illegal rentals is taking place, Guy said, and is set to finish in January.

        “If this process had rolled out sooner, this listing would have been scrubbed sooner,” Guy told me.”

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