Gunfire Erupts During Saturday Night Party on Banks Street

Several Bernal neighbors heard the crackle of gunfire as a party was taking place on the 200 block of Banks Street, near the intersection with Cortland, during the early hours of Saturday/Sunday morning.

Neighbor Rebecca tells Bernalwood:

Sometime around 1:40am there were dozens of gunshots on what appeared to be the street next to us – Banks. We were all awakened and carefully looked out the window and saw maybe a dozen people running across roofs on Banks street houses, accompanied by lots of shouting.

We called 911 and reported it, and I just called the non-emergency number about an hour later and police did confirm that it was gunfire and that they are searching our neighborhood for anyone involved.

I can see police with flashlights on that street and officers that were looking in a backyard of a Banks street house (between Eugenia/Cortland).

Neighbor AnnMarie adds:

Multiple gunshots fired in the vicinity of Banks and Cortland on Saturday night/Sunday morning around 2 am. I live on the block and was awoken by the shots, and saw many people running down the block trying to get out of the area. To the best of my knowledge one person was injured, not life threatening.

Many, many cars were damaged by bullets (including mine). The police were there shortly after the gunshots, the case number is 170842003 at the Ingleside police station.

Neighbor AnnMarie shared this photo of the bullet hole in her car:

The gunshots can clearly be heard in this security camera footage shared by another Bernal neighbor:

Much of the area was taped off on Sunday morning, with police gathering evidence from shell casings found on the scene and bullet holes in homes and cars.

UPDATE, 17 October: Capt. McFadden from SFPD’s Ingleside Station tells Bernalwood the gunfire was likely gang-related. Read the complete story.

PHOTO: Top, gunshot through a home window. Photo courtesy of Neighbor D.

10 thoughts on “Gunfire Erupts During Saturday Night Party on Banks Street

  1. One of many times I have awoken to “fireworks” in San Francisco and thought, hmmm, that really sounds like movie gunfire… but I’m sure it’s just leftovers from the 4th of July… and then promptly rolled over and fell asleep again

    • unfortunately this nightmare was very real …

      It does make last month’s Shotwell Pooper Crisis look a little less important, now that we know the real Shotwell Street is actually Banks Street

  2. No one has mentioned that the gunshots sounded like they came from a semi-automatic (very fast paced rounds of shots), or that bullets pierced houses through exterior walls, entering bedrooms of neighbors on the corner.
    Despite the seriousness of this incident, the police on site the following morning said no one at the party would provide information on who was involved.
    Beyond this story, I saw no local news coverage—surprising given the recent focus on semi-automatics used in shootings.

      • 😂 haha yeah is that the only time it happened come in now if u complaining about one time .or u rather😂want ppl in black clothes doin some kind of rituals in the bernal hill at night time being sneaky then having meetings on banks and jarboe tlkn about who they Gonna tlk about and who they don’t like and wish they get out the neighborhood😉 ? Is that better?🙈🤔

    • Virtually every modern firearm that is not a revolver or a bolt action rifle is a semi-automatic.

  3. I was awoken by it as I was several blocks away on Ellsworth. There were so many close sounding shots -in fact so many I feared a stray would come through my wall. I was so tired that I waited for several minutes knowing many people would call this in, but then I heard a woman’s scream or a female yell so I called 911. This is so unacceptable in our neighborhood or anyone else’s. The endangerment of others -they should be locked up a long time for this. After a wait of several minutes listening to pre recorded language “greetings” on the 911 line they finally answered took my report, and did acknowledge there were many calls. The 911 system with half a dozen langugaes is just plain wrong. The languages could be Press 1 for english; Press 2 for Spanish and so on..Jeez. If you were really needing help the several minutes of a full repetition of “the sounds you will hear are for hearing impaired devices” is ridiculous. You could get that by choosing a message first. ,

  4. This happened just a couple doors down from a friend who lives on Banks St–she posted a lot of details elsewhere. It happened at an Air B&B home that is known as a “party house”–the owner doesn’t live there but rents it out short-term. It sounded terrifying–people were fleeing the house, running over rooftops, breaking thru skylights, running thru backyards and trying to take cover. There were some injuries but nothing critical. Cops don’t have suspects yet.

    • I put in a complaint to the SF office of short-term rentals, because this house didn’t have a permit for short-term rentals. I received the following response:

      “Hi. Thanks for reaching out to us.

      “The application to host short-term rentals, at this property, was denied last year, and we mailed a letter. They continued to host (taking listings down at times). As the listing was up yesterday, a notice of violation was issued (with penalties starting at $484 per day). We are awaiting contact from the property owner or representative and will require proof that they have cancelled pending reservations.

      “Please let me know if you continue to see what appear to be tourists (guests staying for less than 30 days), if you happen to observe such.

      “Thanks and sorry about this situation. As platforms begin removing illegal listings in the coming weeks we hope to greatly reduce the likelihood of such events in the future.”

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