Warning: Carbo-Crazed Tater Tot Fans May Invade Cortland This Evening

Warning: The eastern end of Cortland Avenue may be packed with people this evening, as an exceptionally large number of foodies are expected to descend upon Barebottle Brewing, where a food truck will be on had to sell some ostensibly special tater tots.

Fanned by several local media outlets, the news that Jackrabbit Kitchen will be on hand at Barebottle this evening, Friday, July 14 starting at  4 pm has ripped through the Interwebs like a grease fire, such that that 10,000 people have said they’re interested in attending.

SFGate writes:

Jackrabbit Kitchen, which operates food trucks and a catering business, will be hosting Tater Tot Fest, a Facebook event at Barebottle Brewing Co.

Jackrabbit is known for its crispy cheddar-scallion tot — served with Sriracha ketchup — but it reportedly will be offering some new tot creations, including sweet-potato with ancho aioli and a fresh corn with a jalapeño vinaigrette.

So far, more than 10,000 people have expressed interest in attending. If even a portion of them do, Jackrabbit better have lots of tots.

Indeed. Even if we assume an exceptionally high Facebook event flake-rate, such that only 0.5% of those people will actually attend, that still means there may be 500 carbohydrate-crazed souls wandering the streets of Cortlandia this evening.

Likewise, if we also assume a bunch of those people may be jacked-up on ancho aioli and jalapeño vinaigrette, well, Bernal residents living in and around the impacted area are hereby advised to shelter in place until Tater Tot Fest subsides.

PHOTO: Very special tater tots by Jackrabbit Kitchen

4 thoughts on “Warning: Carbo-Crazed Tater Tot Fans May Invade Cortland This Evening

  1. Meh, this “fest” seems a little strange since it is just one food truck offering Tots. This event was planned for Standard Deviant Brewing but once the interested Facebook list grew to thousands it was moved to the larger Barebottle Brewery facility. Anyway, I hope all that attend enjoy themselves and drink lots of beer.

    On more important news concerning Barebottle Brewery, our local neighborhood brewery turns 1-year old on Sunday and they are having a party starting at 11am. The Bernal Hillbillies will be performing, the San Panchos Taco Truck will be there, special beers and anniversary t-shirts, raffles….sounds like fun!!

    (I am not affiliated with the brewery except that I give them my hard earned cash for beer)

    • Yas! I hope others will see the opportunity. I envision BayShore and Butcher Town filled with bars, restaurants, music venues, bowling alleys, etc in the coming years. Of course seeing how long it’s taking the pizza at precita park, the ice cream on cortland, rejected pinball, NIMBYs will probably win and we’ll just have boarded up buildings.

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