Save the Date: The 2017 Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale Happens August 12

Start shoveling out your closets and reorganizing your storage spaces, because the Season of Purge is upon us! On Saturday, August 12, 2017, Bernal Heights will hold the legendary Hillwide Garage Sale, during which all Bernalese will have the opportunity to sell-off the worldly crap treasures that now clutter and oppress your closets and garages.

The Hillwide Elves bring all the details:

Hi Neighbors!

We’re here to let you know that Hillwide 2017, quite possibly San Francisco’s largest single-day neighborhood garage sale extravaganza, is coming up on Saturday, August 12th from 9am-2pm.

Register today at to get your garage groove on and get yourself on the map!

This is your chance to empty out the garage or storage shed, recycle old toys and tools, and part with your least favorite knick knacks, doo-dads and thing-a-ma-bobs. The Hillwide is a San Francisco tradition – last year we had over 150 houses register their goodies for sale.

Promote your sale by posting pictures of your soon-to-be goldmine of gear on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever floats your social media boat using the hashtag #Hillwide2017. We also have some posters and images to help you out at our Media Center.

To get your garage sale on the map and a listing of your goodies on our website, all you have to do is register at

We have four levels of donations this year:

  • Hill Top Rock Sponsor Level @ $15
    Includes our unwavering gratitude and deepest admiration, a listing on the map and the web site and a shout out on Twitter when you register
  • Bernal Coyote Contributor Level @ $30
    All the benefits above plus a picture submission on the website and personalized social media mentions of your sale from our wildly popular Hillwide sites
  • Esmeralda Slide Sponsor Level @ $50
    All the benefits above plus free membership to the BHNC
  • The Distinguished Bernal Heights Ambassador Level @ $100
    All the benefits above plus some other fabulousness that we haven’t quite figured out yet!

Oh, and of course everyone gets their name on the wonderful Wall of Fame!

Last year we raised over $3,000 for the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Their mission is to develop affordable housing throughout San Francisco; provide linguistically and culturally responsive services to community seniors, youth and families and to organize and empower tenants, clients and members as community advocates.

Register today at to support this great neighborhood institution and get on the map!

Got questions? Send Michael Minson an email at or use our handy-dandy contact form over at The Hillwide site.

Thanks for participating, don’t forget to share the love with #Hillwide2017, and we’ll see you at the Hillwide!

Warmest Regards
The Hillwide Elves