Wayward Truck Gets Really Stuck on Northeast Bernal Streets

Stuck trucks are a Bernal Heights tradition.

This is because to look at Bernal Heights on a map is to see a tempting variety of shortcuts which give no indication that our hilly topography and narrow, winding streets are way too tight for many big vehicles to traverse.  Indeed,  the advent of digital navigation tools like Google Maps and Waze may have actually helped reduce the frequency of the problem, by actively routing drivers away from Bernal streets where calamity and shame are likely to ensue.

Last night a FedEx tractor-trailer driver learned the hard way that the streets of northeast Bernal Heights are best avoided in a big-rig. Neighbor Ryan  was on the scene:

Fedex truck jammed into the sharp corner at Peralta and Florida, been stuck for well over an hour, blocking the street.

… where the truck remained for a few more hours into the night, when a recovery crew arrived to extract the hapless truck and its humiliated driver from the unfortunate intersection.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Neighbor Ryan

8 thoughts on “Wayward Truck Gets Really Stuck on Northeast Bernal Streets

  1. One of the joys of Bernal Heights is all the quirky little streets. They make other neighborhoods dull by comparison. You’d think that major delivery companies would have specific directions about which streets were not appropriate for big trucks to navigate. In this age of technology, would that be too much to ask? I do feel sorry for the neighbors who were inconvenienced by the truck being stuck there for so long. And then there’s the possibility of an emergency vehicle not being able to get through. Yikes.

    • Fortunately, in that spot, the street splits in two in such a way that cars had another access point (it’s kind of hard to explain). The truck was far up enough that it didn’t block Florida completely either! But yeah, the poor driver felt pretty bad.

  2. Expect to see (1) more stuck delivery trucks, (2) higher trash bills, (3) more stolen packages, (4) more stores shutting down, and (5) more unemployment because people have chosen to shop online instead of going to stores and buying their goods in person. Why on earth was such a large FedEx truck going through Bernal in the first place? Were they trying to make hundreds of deliveries all throughout Bernal, or was the driver on a tight schedule and trying to take a shortcut to avoid the freeway mess?

    • Some large items are delivered on the semi trucks like that so they don’t take up space in the smaller fedex trucks. Ups does the same as well

    • The truck is a Fedex Freight truck not Express or Ground. It wasn’t full of envelopes or small parcels, most of the stuff Freight handles is for commercial customers and is palletized. They will, for an additional fee, deliver to a residence (note the liftgate on the back of the trailer which allows a delivery without a dock). It’s entirely possible it was delivering a home gym or some other large and heavy item to a residence in the neighborhood.

    • The world is chasing, and it makes David Kaye unhappy.

      Damn you people for changing the world! (shaking fist)

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