Friday: City Hall Hearing on SFMTA’s Northwest Bernal Permit Parking Plan

Bernalwood has been covering the bureaucratic debacle that is the Northwest Bernal Residential Parking Permit (RPP) proposal for two years, and while the process has revealed much about the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s dubious methodologies and lack of accountability, it’s now moving into the final stages of the approval process.

On Friday, July 7 at 10 am in Room 416 at City Hall , the SFMTA will  hold a public hearing to review the proposal to establish a new RPP zone in Northwest Bernal Heights. This map outlines the proposed permit area, where Bernal residents who live outside the blue RPP zones will be restricted to two-hour parking Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm:

Source: SFMTA

The SFMTA meeting announcement says:

Residents of northwest Bernal Heights have petitioned the SFMTA to form a new residential parking permit area to better manage and find parking closer to their homes.

In May 2017, a majority of residents on the following blocks voted to move forward with residential permit parking Coleridge (1 – 99), Coso (1 – 199), Esmeralda (200-299), Fair (1-99), Lundy’s Lane (1-29), Mirabel, Montezuma, Powers, Precita (1 – 299), Prospect (100-199), Shotwell (1400 – 1499), and Winfield (1 – 99).

The proposal to create a RPP area on these blocks will be heard at a SFMTA Engineering Public Hearing at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 7 at City Hall, Room 416. Interested parties are invited to attend and comment on the proposal.

A summary of the community vote and overall project history can be found on the project website and May project update.

This map [PDF] shows the blocks where 50% or more residents voted for inclusion in the RPP pilot program, with the following RPP regulations:

  • One parking permit per driver
  • Two parking permits per household
  • Two-hour parking limit for non-permit holders Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

21 thoughts on “Friday: City Hall Hearing on SFMTA’s Northwest Bernal Permit Parking Plan

  1. “where Bernal residents who live outside the blue RPP zones will be restricted to two-hour parking” ?

    I hope you meant “inside the blue RPP zones”, otherwise, I have completely missed the point of this RPP effort.

    • It does make sense. What Todd is saying is that if you live outside of the RPP zone, then you will only be able to park for 2 hours in the zone, even if you are a Bernal Heights resident. Only residents on the blocks included in the zone will be eligible for permits to park for longer stretches within the zone.

  2. All busy streets in Bernal Heights need this. Also, make the 2 hours free parking Sun-Sat.
    The parking permits needs to include the south slope of Bernal Heights. On the block where I live there is one house with 7 cars, 2 trucks; one house with 5 cars,1 truck; and 1 house with 7 cars, 1 truck; 1 house with 3 cars, 3 trucks. Plus people parking in the neighborhood to take BART, Muni, or a tech bus, or just shopping in the area.

    • Many of us on the south side are just fine without this, please don’t bash the hornet’s nest on our behalf.

    • Please feel free to give the addresses of these FOUR households that own and operate TWENTY NINE vehicles that park on a single San Francisco block.

      Seems apocryphal, but I’m ready to be proved wrong…

    • Hear, hear! Every interaction I have with the SF city government makes so happy I can’t help but wish for more for me and my neighbors! /s

      Seriously, I’m sorry to hear that you’re annoyed by your neighbors, but I can almost guarantee that things will be worse with RPP: Ever have an overnight house guest? A friend or a handyman come by for a few hours? Have you ever parked facing the “wrong” direction?

      You, your friends, and the folks who come by to help you will all be paying the price under RPP. It’s a cure that’s far worse than the disease.

    • Please do not send SFMTA our way! We don’t want SFMTA anywhere near our streets. I think they have a complete conflict of interest against the citizens of San Francisco and for raising money from parking tickets forcing people onto buses and public transportation that doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t like the fact that there are people parking here and shopping etc. and have many cars. But the fix is worse than the problem I’m afraid.

      • I want to agree with Dan, that the FIX is worse than the problem. I lived in Noe Valley and it was a nice situation until SF parking people came in and messed with it. It turned into chaos and neighbor against neighbor at times. People sold their houses and moved. It makes life so much harder in the city what the SFMTA is doing. They do NOT have our best interests at heart. It is primarily a revenue machine and ongoing conflict of interest.

  3. As sort of a compromise, the busiest streets should have permitted parking but the surrounding streets should make sure they have a weekly move it or get a ticket time. Mostly how street sweeping would work but this would be for streets even if they don’t have street sweeping.
    Just a thought, but having people move their car at least once a week might get some of those families that have 6 or 7 cars to reconsider owning so many. Or at least stop people from dumping cars in Bernal for long periods of time like going on a trip for two weeks.

    • There is already a 72-hour parking limit on all SF public streets, as far as I understand.

      • Right, but it requires neighbors to potentially snitch on neighbors. Most people prefer not to do it so it’s better if there is just automatic enforcement.

  4. Divide and conquer by the RPP. I am sure all of San Francisco will eventually be inhospitable to everyone not living here.

    And really, someone mentions the “shoppers”? Really you think Bernal can support its own without anyone from outside the area? Oh, right, only invite them for two hours. No long lunches with shopping.

    Hm, about we become a gated community too, keep out everyone who doesn’t belong. Let’s write a travel ban!! No techies allowed!! Sounding more and more like our national government…… smh…..

  5. This is horrible policy for renters too. To even afford the rent here there needs to be at least 4-5 people in a house, so they can’t each have cars either I guess. Another way to keep the less fortunate out.

    • My guess is that until we stand up to the SFMTA and the misguided leadership of the city as a group they will continue to put fees and fines and financial burdens on the citizens until only the very wealthy can live here.

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