Donations Stolen After Rocket Dog Rescue Founder Mugged Near Bernal Home

Ugh. Broke Ass Stewart reports that Neighbor Pali, founder of the fabulous Rocket Dog Rescue,  was mugged near her Bernal home this week. Stewart writes:

Besides her personal belongings the thieves also got away with all the donations she’d collected at a Rocket Dog fundraiser earlier in the evening. For those unfamiliar, Rocket Dog Rescue is a “San Francisco Bay Area dog rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We save dogs from death at over-crowded shelters and find them loving, happy homes.”

This is obviously sad for many reasons. It’s a shame when anybody gets attacked and robbed, especially someone so dedicated to doing good. It’s also heartbreaking because that money will not be going towards helping doggies that really need it.

If you feel like helping Rocket Dog recoup the loss please donate here. They will appreciate it immensely.

Pali gave me permission to share her original Facebook post about the mugging. Here it is below:

I hesitate to write this..
but I’m furious and hurt and a little banged up..
so here goes.

as I parked tonight about to step out I saw a fast shadow coming up close to my car and turned fast to lock the door but before I could four (5?) men,
one big oaf with a a gun/pretending to have a gun-

pulled the door open- pulled me out grabbed my throat and slammed my head against the car while saying “shhhh” (that’s crazy right?)
I yelled “F#%K NO” and shoved him back as hard as I could so that he stumbled and fell 
but his buddies had already ran behind me grabbed everything and ran.

I’m upset with myself because it is literally the only time that I’ve not had a dog with me.

The thing that really hurts me is that I’d been out at a rocket dog event all day, all the RD donations and checks that were to be deposited in the morning -gone.

(headed to the bank first thing in the morning to put a stop on everything)

Credit cards, phone. gone.

I went upstairs to get my big giant hounddog girl Calamity Jane and ran down the hill searching for anything that might have been thrown out. nothing.

No use calling the police.

I’m really just so sad. really it just feels dirty.

Neighbor Pali is understandably shaken up, but if you’d like to help replace some of what was lost, please consider making a donation to Rocket Dog Rescue.

PHOTO: Neighbor Pali, via Broke Ass Stewart and Rocket Dog Rescue on Facebook

28 thoughts on “Donations Stolen After Rocket Dog Rescue Founder Mugged Near Bernal Home

  1. So incredibly sorry this happened, I will be donating. PLEASE you must report this to the police. This is very dangerous for all of us & whether the police can do anything they need to know to chronicle the uptick in crime. Maybe neighbors have camera footage. I am so sorry this happened to you, please take care.

    • Oof. That’s some BS.
      A rough location of the mugging would help if webcams are available.

  2. I’m SO sorry to hear about this and hope Pali considers reporting this to the police. Donation made and here’s to your healing!

    • The police around here are … well… I’m not actually sure what they’re for. My family has been the victim of 2 crimes in the last couple of months and they haven’t done anything, not even called to update us or ask for clarification on anything.

  3. I am glad you are physically ok and Calamity Jane was not there to get hurt or worse. Everything else can be replaced. You must report this to the police. You may feel it is useless but any information you can relay is documented and you never know when something you report may shed light on another investigation.

  4. This is disturbing and scary. Glad you are ok. I’ll share the info about donating. Where in Bernal was this?

  5. So very sorry this happened. Please report to the police. Where in Bernal did this occur?

  6. Wow–that really sucks.

    Just donated. Thanks for what you do Pali.

    p.s My dog is a Rocket Dog rescue.

  7. Pali, it’s Deb, your neighbor on Anderson St. here. I’m so sorry to hear this. Like the others here, I want you to report this to the police. It needs to be documented. It could help others. Hang in there.

  8. So sorry this happened, Pali. I met you once years ago at the Fiesta on the Hill. I love and support what you do, have made a donation to RD. I agree with all who say to report to police even if it seems futile. Hoping you are healing from this traumatic event.

  9. “No use calling the police” is TOTALLY WRONG. The police can establish patterns of behavior and help prevent problems in the future, AND the police collect statistics and deploy officers more to areas suffering more problems. The SFPD (and other police agencies) have only X number of staff, so they have to move them around to wherever they’re needed. So, Pali has done us all a disservice by not reporting this incident.

    • Don’t beat up the victim please! This was her intitial reaction. It is completely understandable to have those feelings. The police in SF do the best they can but usually nothing happens!

      • The point is not to do with whether your words were untrue or not, rather with their callousness. You seized upon a candid take and criticized. How do you not know she didn’t subsequently file a report? Keep things to yourself sometimes why don’t you

      • Just because I say something you disagree with is no reason to reject what I say. I’m reminded of the whole purpose of the First Amendment: The First Amendment does not exist to protect speech we agree with. It exists to protect speech we DISAGREE with.

    • IMO this site would be better off without your ill-conceived pointlessly contrarian words darkening its pages buddy. The poor woman was jumped and mugged, and you harangue? Shame on you.

      • Was anything I said untrue? People MUST file a police report for the reasons I mentioned. I’ll mention them again: (1) the SFPD collects statistics on where crime occurs, (2) which results in moving police from one area with fewer incidents to a place were more incidents are occurring. (3) Crime reports also influence the Board of Supervisors and the mayor to spend more money on the SFPD. (4) Nothing will improve if people fail to file police reports.

      • The point is not to do with whether your words were untrue or not, rather with their callousness. You seized upon a candid take and criticized. How do you not know she didn’t subsequently file a report? Keep things to yourself sometimes why don’t you

    • “No use calling the police” is exactly the experience of many people in the city, including myself. I think you should run for the police oversight board and then you can work to restore trust in the police by creating transparency and better customer service?

  10. Pali,
    I’m so very sorry you had such an terrifying experience! Thank you for what you do for all furbabies. I just donated. Please feel better.

  11. If Rocket Dog donations were stolen, she needs to file a police report whether she wants to or not.

  12. Saw the news footage tonight, totally bummed this happened …huge respect for what you do, giving a voice and some heart to those in need. Sent a small donation and put a shout out to FB friends for the same.

  13. I’m a rude asshole who has participated in many community panels having to do with Muni, streets, zoning, and police efforts. Anybody who knows anything about how a city operates knows that the SFPD or any PD has X amount of resources, and thus must move them to whatever neighborhood needs them. Thus, it is vitally important to report ANY crime to the SFPD because it counts in their statistics. And when those numbers are read from time to time and compared with previous numbers, police are moved to the areas showing the highest uptick in problems. So, yes, I’m a rude asshole, but it’s because most people like to complain but refuse to work the system to get what they want.

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