New Housing Proposed for Former Cole Hardware Site May Include Cole Hardware

Exciting update: Yesterday the sleuths at SocketSite shared news that drawings have been submitted for a new, mixed-use building at 3310 Mission Street, the site of the former Cole Hardware store that was destroyed in a horrific fire almost exactly one year ago.

SocketSite says:

Consumed by a fire last year, plans to develop a contemporary 5-story building upon the former Cole Hardware store site at 3110-3312 Mission Street have been drawn and submitted to Planning for review.

As designed by EE Weiss Architects, the proposed development would consist of 8 condos over 6,000 square feet of commercial space and a garage for 8 cars (the entrance to which would be by way of 29th Street).

SocketSite has renderings of the proposed building; check out their article to see the images.

Eight new homes for eight more Bernal neighbors sounds pretty sweet, but is there any reason to hope that the much-loved, much-lamented Cole Hardware store might actually return to its former address?

Actually, YES! But keep your fingers crossed.

Bernalwood called Rick Karp, the founder and president of Cole Hardware, to see if he”s in the loop about the new plan for 3310 Mission. “We’re working with the property owner on the planning for the building to use the ground floor space a location for a Cole Hardware store,” Karp said, adding.  “If everything works out, we’d love to move back.”

More housing, and a resurrected Cole Hardware?  Build it!

IMAGE: Photos via SocketSite; composite illustration created by Bernalwood
Hat Tip: Thanks Marni!

20 thoughts on “New Housing Proposed for Former Cole Hardware Site May Include Cole Hardware

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  2. Fantastic news all around. i so miss Cole Hardware! It was literally one of my favorite places here! hope hope hope!! now if we could just get a bookstore and a movie theater!

  3. yes, yes, fingers crossed
    Cole’s returning to the hood, indeed would be wonderful
    Such a positive example of a right living business
    so missed for both utility, value and community spirit

  4. That sounds wonderful. And Christina– I remember when there was a theater right on Cortland near Ellsworth & another right where Safeway is now,I think.

  5. This is wonderful news! Hopefully, Plaza Azul comes back, too; it was such a good spot!

    • Very true. Are there no architects with any sense of style, originality, and creativity in this place…

      • Unfortunately, I imagine building design has far more to do with economy and the approval process than lack of creativity. (Planning already asked the architects to dumb down the design for the building replacing Old Jerusalem, and this is before neighborhood groups and MEDA are even involved.)

  6. What is being worked out so that the former residents of the building can move back?

  7. We need Cole and hope it will have the same small-store atmosphere with educated clerks.
    But hope HOPE HOPE for a better looking exterior building facade.

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