Black Jet Bakery Now Open for Business on Cortland

Gillian Shaw at her new Black Jet Bakery

There’s been a lot of excitement and anticipation about Gillian Shaw’s plan to open her celebrated Black Jet Baking Co. in the former Sandbox/Pinkie’s space at 833 Cortland, at the corner of Gates. Now the wait is over, because Black Jet is officially open for business.

As you may recall, Gillian Shaw is a former Bernal Heights resident who was also the baker the former Liberty Cafe. She tells Bernalwood:

We are in love with our space, our goodies and so delighted to be open!

We are so excited to be in the space and seeing all the friendly faces! As a wholesaler, we’re not used to seeing our customers in the flesh, and it has been such a treat! I love seeing all the Liberty faces and longtime Black Jet fans who remind us of pastries we have done in the past. Bernal is such a special place and I feel so lucky to have learned to bake on Cortland and have a bakery on this street!

I am planning for a GRAND OPENING PARTY on Saturday APRIL 29th, which also happens to be my birthday! We were thinking of having a happy hour party with cupcakes and snacks to celebrate! Would love to welcome people to stop by! I am thinking festivities to begin at 5 and go til 7.

For your info, we carry the following Liberty Items:

  • Blueberry Corn Muffins
  • Raspberry Bran Muffins
  • Banana Cream Pie
  • (Chicken Pot Pie to come sooooon)
  • Liberty Scones

MY FAVORITE ITEMS that are exclusive to the shop:

  • Danish!
  • Boston Cream Croissant is a croissant filled with pastry cream and topped with ganache. This beauty is named after my sister Jen, who is the mastermind.
  • Croissants! We are using the SANDBOX recipe under the kind guidance of Mutsumi who is the best landlord ever. We adore her and are so proud to be using the Sandbox recipe.
  • Mascot/Somerville: our signature beverage is the SOMERVILLE which is a shot of espresso, steamed milk and dollop of housemade toasted FLUFF. Fluff, my obsession was created in SOMERVILLE, MA where I used to live. We developed the’ MASCOT’ after Audrey Duane, our amazing mascot who doesn’t care for espresso… and has a hot chocolate with fluff instead.

Other Points:

We have the best staff ever and I am so proud of each and every one of them! It is a stressful and crazy time opening a bakery, but everyone has been so determined and excited and hardworking to create our little shop.

I am also over the moon to let people know that Max B. Newman, who worked with me at the Liberty, is BACK in the Black Jet fold after working at Zuni & Marla. We are so lucky to have him back in Bernal.

I am a happy happy tired baker and are so grateful to everyone!

Hope to see everyone in the shop soon, especially you!

The Bernalwood Culinary Expedition Team had the opportunity to visit Black Jet last weekend.  We ate many things during our foray, including a meyer lemon and havarti danish, a ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, and a morning bun. We  can confirm that everything we tried was insanely delicious. Yum!

PHOTOS: All photos by Telstar Logistics

21 thoughts on “Black Jet Bakery Now Open for Business on Cortland

  1. Congrats Black Jet Bakery! Very glad you are back in the ‘hood. Loved it when you baked for The Liberty Cafe and getting the weekly bread. Maybe you can start baking again for their back cottage [Hint, hint!]. My favorite is your morning buns.

  2. So grateful that they are with us! Everything is very tasty! One suggestion, Gillian- I am a huge fan of your coffee cake but it’s gotta be fresh- last time I had it, it was very dry 😦 Your recipe is top notch so hope you’ll do it justice!

  3. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to get a banana cream pie the other day. I have been mourning the loss of that pie in my life. I can’t wait to try all of the other things I enjoyed so long ago. I vote for a return of the rosemary raisin bread, too!

  4. Great news about the croissants. Sandbox’s were hands-down the best in the neighborhood.

  5. Welcome back to the ‘hood! We loved the bread pudding at Liberty Cafe — any chance that will be brought back at Black Jet? Can’t wait to come by for some treats!

  6. I was just talking about the old Liberty bakery and what a sad loss it was to lose the bakers we would watch in the morning. So glad to have you back! I will definitely be a customer!

  7. How many Bernal residents spent at least some time living in Somerville MA. We did and I’ve met a good number of others.

  8. The fleeting nature of bakeries in today’s flighty world will be a good reminder of the impermanence of things. Nevertheless, I plan to enjoy it while it’s there…..

  9. Welcome back! I have missed Liberty Cafe’s bakery ever since they closed. What I REALLY miss is their walnut sticky buns. We thought they were the very best sticky buns we ever had. So I live in hope that you will resurrect them and sell them at your new shop. Good luck! Can’t wait to stop by.

  10. and here’s a vote for the Liberty Wild Rice muffins that we’ve been dreaming about since the last time we sank our teeth into them oh so many years ago (and the blueberry corn, and the morning buns, and the sticky buns, and the pot pies…)

    • I can attest that the blueberry corn, morning buns, and sticky buns were all available this morning!

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