Black Jet Baking to Open in 833 Cortland Bakery Space

Team Black Jet Baking, with Gillian Shaw at center

Team Black Jet Baking, with Gillian Shaw, center

It was a sad day when Pinkie’s Bakery announced plans to shutter in October, but now the cycle of rebirth and re-use is set to take another turn. Last weekend, rockstar baker and former Bernal neighbor Gillian Shaw launched a crowdfunding campaign to relocate her Black Jet Baking Co. to the former Sandbox/Pinkie’s space at 833 Cortland.

Justin Phillips from Inside Scoop brings the backstory:

Black Jet owner Gillian Shaw sees potential on the block, so much so that she recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to drum up support (and $75,000) for the move. Black Jet’s loyal customer base has responded in droves, donating almost $11,000 within the first 36 hours.

“People have been so sweet. They’re donating and writing notes,” Shaw said. “Everyone seems to be excited. This year, we’ve just been lucky to grow and grow.”

After opening in 2010 as a niche shop delivering cookies and pops mainly to San Francisco office workers, Black Jet is known more now for its nostalgic takes on classic treats like layered chocolate cakes, banana cream pies, and oatmeal cookies. (Shaw’s”Lil Jennys” were featured in this Sunday’s Chronicle, with a recipe.)

Shaw said this year, the business had its most profitable November since opening six years ago. Black Jet sold more than 900 pies around Thanksgiving – no small feat for three bakers working out of a commercial kitchen space.

Neighbor emeritus Gillian Shaw has a lot of fans here in Bernal, not just because she used to live here, but also because she was the baker at the former Liberty Cafe , back in the days when the Liberty Cafe was known for its amazing baked goods. So congrats to her, and hooray for us.

If you’d like to join Black Jet Baking Co. crowdsourcing fund, you can contribute here.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Black Jet Baking

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  1. oooh, Gillian- please bring back the amazing, fabulous walnut sticky buns that Liberty Cafe used to make. We LOVED them!

  2. If they are the bakers that make the peanut butter sandwich cookies that are at Avedanos … Oh there goes my NYE resolutions …

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