3300 Club Gone for Good, SRO’s Fate Uncertain, as Fire-Damaged Building Up For Sale


The 3300 Club has operated at 3300 Mission Street, on the corner of Mission Street and 29th, since 1956. It’s been closed since last June, when a devastating fire destroyed the building next door and displaced the 50+ residents of the Graywood Hotel SRO who lived upstairs. The owners of the 3300 Club were determined to rebuild, but now we learn that the classic watering hole probably isn’t coming back because the whole building has been offered for sale.

In a public post on Facebook, Bernal neighbor and 3300 Club co-owner Shukry Lama writes:

3300 Mission Street is now up for sale. The landlords, who had a sit down meeting with us and talked about their plans to rebuild, and offer us a new lease with potentially more space, failed to let us know about this. My mom got to find out when a reporter called and asked about it. Imagine her surprise.

As much as I’d like to keep hoping that we’ll get a lease in that location, I think we all know it would never be the same. Yea, we could try and move to a new location, but the limits on moving a liquor license, the amount of protests you would get from opening a new bar, the amount of capital you would need, the time and effort that none of us have left, it’s just too much. We had such high hopes for a return, bringing our bar back to the neighborhood where we had been a staple for 60 years, but there is no loyalty in the real estate industry.

Dipak Patel, the current property owner, purchased the building for $1.5 million in 2004. MissionLocal spoke to Patel, who adds:

Before the fire struck, Patel was in the process of remodeling the hotel rooms, had done work to the hotel’s hallways and heating system, and had installed sprinklers which ultimately saved the building from more damage, he said.

“We spent about $10,000 a room before fire, so about $200,000 total, and we did electrical upgrades,” he said. “Whatever happens to the building, it will be a 100 percent upgrade.”

Under a sale, the status of the Graywood Hotel SRO, and the rooms where its former tenants lived, also remains uncertain.

The building at 3300 Mission Street is now offered for $3.5 million.  The property listing says:

The property is currently vacated (subject to residential tenant’s rights), stripped down to studs, and in need of a complete rehab. The building consists of 6 tourist licenses and 22 SRO (previously with 2 non-conforming rooms) on the two upper levels. The ground floor previously housed two retail tenants, a bar and a restaurant, and will be delivered free of tenants. There is a full-height basement. This property presents the opportunity for a developer to reconfigure rooms to maximize square footage and income. This beautiful Bernal Heights corner property is waiting to be restored to its former glory and more!

PHOTO: The 3300 Club sign, as it looked after a fresh paint job in 2013. Photo by Burrito Justice

9 thoughts on “3300 Club Gone for Good, SRO’s Fate Uncertain, as Fire-Damaged Building Up For Sale

  1. Would probably be a good time to start building that 29/30’th Street Bart Station with a newly designed Safeway and ten story apartment building over it. Hahaha… just kidding. Lets fight for ten years over what to do with that block.

    • The 30th Street BART Turnback Station under the Safeway Parking lot is a great idea. By spurring off the main line for a station, you can eliminate the cost of regrading the trackway along Mission needed to build a level station platform. That is the problem that has always killed the 30th Street Station in the past. It would also allow for direct connections to Muni and the commuter buses heading to the Peninsula. It will probably take several 20 or 30 story buildings to pay for it. Josh Arce promised to get the station built during his campaign. Hopefully Hillary will take up the charge to get this going.

    • I’m going to miss the 3300.

      A mixed use, transit-focused development plan for this block would be innovative and forward-looking. It would also take Hillary Ronen out of her comfort zone because she is conservative, backward-looking and dogmatic. Not counting on her to do anything here but block reconstruction for a long time

  2. Very unfortunate about the 3300 Club, but I certainly understand why the property owners would want to sell rather than commit themselves to what will be a major, multiyear construction project.

    Hope there aren’t any gas lines nearby that might be subject to vibratory impacts due to construction.

  3. Well, the HATERS will win again. They will never allow an SRO hotel to be rebuilt there, just as they won’t allow desperately needed senior housing to be built in the neighborhood. All you NIMBYs care about is getting rid of everybody poorer than you are.

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