Big Winter Storm Knocks Down Trees Around Bernal Heights


None shall pass! Neighbor Amy encounters the tree blocking Bernal Heights Blvd.

The big winter storm that blew through San Francisco on Sunday generally spared Bernal Heights from too much biblical-grade havoc, but it did get the best of our trees (and a few parked cars). Luckily, no one was injured.

The leafy mayhem kicked off on the Richland Avenue, where Neighbor Audra shared this photo of a big limb that fell across the Bernal Cut bridge, cutting off access to our ancestral kin in Bernal-Glen:


DPW quickly cleared the branch from the Richland bridge (thank you!), but that was not the end of our arboreal mayhem.

Neighbor Darcy shared this photo of a tree eating a Nissan on the 100 block of Bradford, near Powhattan:


On Wool Street, Neighbor Bernard reports that a tree had it out for this Audi:


The Revenge of the Trees continued in Precita Park, where Neighbor Maria captured another tree munching on the hood of a Mazda, as a neighbor raised her fist in solidarity with the fallen foliage:


But the biggest drama unfolded on the south side of Bernal Hill, where a very big tree fell across Bernal Heights Boulevard, rendering our scenic artery impassable. Neighbor Markus shared a dramatic photo of the fallen tree’s root structure:

treedown-markusMeanwhile, on the western side of the roadblock, Neighbor James captured a neighbor pausing for a stylish moment of chaos chic. Never mind the Golden Globes; What’s the it-look for Bernal Heights storm-chasing in 2017?  Why, it’s slip-on sneakers, cranberry tights, and a slim-fitting winter coat in navy — obviously!



3 thoughts on “Big Winter Storm Knocks Down Trees Around Bernal Heights

  1. Great article and pictures. Very witty, thanks for the morning smile. ‘Course, my car was not one of the hapless victims; had it been, it would have been a rueful smile at best. I’m very glad no-one was hurt.

  2. The rate of tree death seems to be far outpacing that of tree-planting! Let’s plant more trees – varieties that are less prone to breaking and are less top-heavy: they exist! The laganaria is a great street tree. Also, the Italian Stone Pine doesn’t seem to get the diseases that are weakening/killing our native pines. Let’s make smart trees, so that the human species won’t have to be culled back in order for trees to grow!

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