Today: Wild Old Women of Bernal to Protest at Mission Street BofA



Today at noon, the iconic Wild Old Women of Bernal Heights will stage an anniversary protest at the Bank of America branch at 3250 Mission Street to put an end to Big Bank malfeasance.

Neighbor Lynn, one of the Wild Old Women, says:

The Wild Old Women of Bernal will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary of weekly demonstrations to protest foreclosures, evictions, and other disdainful corporate-bank acts. The demonstration and celebration will be in front of the Bank of America on Mission near 29th St. on Thursday, Dec. 29th from noon until 1 pm. We’re inviting one and all to join us.

PHOTO: Courtesy of the Wild Old Women of Bernal Heights

8 thoughts on “Today: Wild Old Women of Bernal to Protest at Mission Street BofA

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    • For those unfamiliar with credit unions, they’re non-profit banks owned by people who have accounts with them. Historically they were founded around affinity groups such as fire fighters, telephone company employees, or people who lived in certain neighborhoods. The banks managed to put those stipulations in to keep the credit unions from getting any strong footing in banking. However, the affinity groups have expanded so far and wide that a lot of credit unions can accept nearly anyone. Among the more popular are the SF Fire Credit Union, Patelco (formerly the Pacific Telephone company employees CU), Provident, Redwood, SF Bay Area Educators, etc. Loan rates are lower, banking fees are usually eliminated, and CUs have their own ATM networks and sometimes are also members of the big ones, too. It’s not too hard to find a CU ATM.

  2. I endorse the advice to move your money into a credit union. I am a member of the San Francisco Federal Credit Union which was originally organized to serve employees of the city and county. It has now expanded to include anyone who works in the city or lives here or is related to a city worker and that includes lots of people. The credit union is like a full service bank but without the fees. I have a very low interest VISA and of course you can negotiate car loans or house loans there. I urge you to check it out. You can find them online at SFFCU.

  3. I am also a member of SFCU and have to say that it has been great. I switched about 5 years ago after having the BofA on Cortaland as my home banks since a child. SFCU is a way better experience and you also aren’t giving your money to some of the worst forces on earth (partially because they have no bogus fees).

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