Miraculous Christmasukkah Snowman Delights Precita Park

The December miracle, a genuine snowman, has (re)appeared in Precita Park on this combined Christmas and Hanukkah. It can only mean that no matter how hard this year may have been, the Seasonal Deities nevertheless saw fit to reward us for our  neighborly virtue. 

Happy Christmasukkah, Bernal Heights!

PHOTO: via a Bernal neighbor on Reddit/sanfrancisco 

4 thoughts on “Miraculous Christmasukkah Snowman Delights Precita Park

  1. Oy, Todd. You mean: “Deities”. “Dieties” is the regimen we begin on Jan. 2nd. L’Chaim – Michael

  2. Hey neighbors. That’s my puppers, Patsy Cline, with the fabulous mystery snowman. She shows up everywhere! 😄
    Quite the girl about town.

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