Meet the “Wild Old Women” of Occupy Bernal

Remember when that posse of self-described “wild old women” #occupied the Bank of America branch on Mission near Valencia not long ago? It was a clever stunt marred by only one agitprop oversight: No good photos of the occupiers were made available at the time. Doh!

Now, somewhat belatedly, Jasper Gregory published a webpage that introduces us to a few of the Wild Old Women, and (no surprise, perhaps) many of them came pre-steeped in social justice and progressive activism. For example:

Wild old woman, Ginny, 75, got involved in 1963 in the March on Washington. In seventies she helped the Gandhian Cesar Chavez labor movement.

Full gallery here.

PHOTOS: Jasper Gregory

3 thoughts on “Meet the “Wild Old Women” of Occupy Bernal

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