There Is a Real Snowman In Precita Park Right Now


Improbable Thing Alert!  Improbable Thing Alert!

Neighbor Linda just filed this report from Precitaville:

There’s a real snowman in Precita Park, Folsom side!

… and indeed there is!

Meanwhile, Linda reports that the old truck at Harvest Hills Market on the other side of the intersection has embraced the holiday spirit as well:


PHOTOS: Neighbor Linda

7 thoughts on “There Is a Real Snowman In Precita Park Right Now

  1. The snowman was not our idea and we did not know who did it. Maybe next year we can help make more of them with our ice machine! The tree was going to be left without a home for Christmas so we made and offer on it three times and eventually they gave it to us as Christmas approached. We were so happy to see all the people that enjoyed it up on the truck. Lot’s of families taking pictures by the truck.

  2. SF Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik wrote this about the snowman on Jan. 7:

    Rachelle Resnick e-mailed that she “ran into the guy who made it Christmas Eve.” She says he told her he’d made it on Dec. 23 from snow he’d brought here from Donner. He had another tray of snow, she said, “and was packing it in so it could last another day.”

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