Anda Piroshki Closing This Weekend After Kitchen Rent Increase


Big bummer: After learning about a big commercial kitchen rent increase, Anda Piroshki, the tasty purveyor of Russian food at 331 Cortland, will be closing permanently after this Sunday, August 28.

Anda Piroshki as has thrived since founder Anna Tveliva first opened in 331 Cortland during 2011, and over the years the business grew to include a second outpost on Haight Street. Along the way, Anna herself became a familiar fixture in the Bernal community, as well as a US citizen.

In a message for Bernalwood readers, Anna writes:

Dear Bernal friends,

I need to share with you a sad news. Anda Piroshki’s commercial kitchen lease is up, and the new offer we got is almost 3 times higher. Unfortunately it is killing the business.

Considering the short notice I was given (I have to leave the kitchen by 9/1) and some family issues I am currently dealing with, I made a hard decision to close the business at the end of this month.

I dearly love Bernal, our customers, our landlady Debra at 331, folks from Paulie’s Pickling and Anusha from Mae Krua. Going to miss all very much. I am so grateful to be able to serve Bernal with my motherland food all these years and get so many fans!

Our doors will be open till 8/28. Please stop by to get your last Anda Piroshki fix and say goodbye 😦

Sad. Heartbroken. Truly yours,

Anna Tveliva

She also made this video:

Sigh. Truth be told, it’s hard to imagine a bigger fan of Anda Piroshki than Bernalwood’s own Cub Reporter, who insists we stop by Anda Piroshki every time we visit Cortland Avenue together. Literally: Every time.

As a parent, I’ve been happy to indulge the Cub Reporter’s piroshki obsession, not just because Anda’s food is delicious, but because I like to think my kid’s love of Anda Piroshki was hardwired into her DNA by her great-grandfather, an immigrant from Russia who died two decades before she was born. Savoring one of Anna Tveliva’s piroshkis may be his way of speaking to Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter through the generations.

Anyway, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter was really sad to hear Anda Piroshki is closing, so  we stopped by 331 Cortland last weekend to load up while we still can.  This morning, the Cub Reporter asked me to put an Anda Piroshki in her lunchbox. So while all the other kids eat peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese in the cafeteria today, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter will be excited to dive into this:


Thank you for all the delicious memories, Anna, and best of luck.

PHOTO: Top, Anna Tveliva at 331 Cortland for Halloween, 2011. Courtesy of Anda Piroshki.


15 thoughts on “Anda Piroshki Closing This Weekend After Kitchen Rent Increase

  1. So sorry to hear this! Anda Piroshki has been a little ray of Sunshine on Cortland since the day it opened.

  2. Majorly bummed by this news. I hope there is some way this turns out to be temporary as I’m having a hard time imagining my life without Anda Piroshki in it. This is going to leave a huge hole in Bernal, that will be impossible to plug!

  3. Why do owners of these places have to raise their rents so high? Its ridiculous. Is this necessary or is it just GREED?

      • Assuming there wasn’t a material need for the space’s owner to ramp up their income (and honestly, who knows?), tripling rent over a lease transition to an established customer sure reads pretty greedy.

  4. Just came home from lunch at Anda’s only to see this news! Delicious piroshki, so good I went back for a second one. The young man at the counter was super polite and efficient too. What very sad news, I wish you success on your next venture Anda, it looks like you know how to run a good business!

  5. Is her commercial kitchen elsewhere and not her landlady on the Cortland? And is the Haight Street place also closing?

    • Just to clarify… We at 331 are very sorry Anna is closing her business. The lovely fragrance of those freshly baked piroshkis will be missed. Anna has off-site commercial kitchen space and yes, her Second Act kiosk is also closing.

  6. Wow… I’m stunned. Anda Piroshki is one of the few places in my neighborhood where I can afford more than just an occasional splurge. It’s the place my friends from out of town want to go every time they visit. I’m so bummer to hear this news after the fact, and while I’m out of town, but thank you Anna (and staff) for keeping my belly full for the last few years! I suppose this means I need to learn how to make your Bunny’s Pleasure piroshki myself!

  7. So sad to see you go Anda! And now a Big Black Hole in my spur of the moment lunching. It has always felt sooo good at your counter, and I could never get just one. Best to you on future endeavors!

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