Piroshkis Are the New Empanadas at 331 Cortland

First, the bad news: El Porteno Empanadas is moving on from its cozy nest inside the gourmet grotto at 331 Cortland. Now, the good news: El Porteno will be replaced by another fine purveyor of savory stuffed pastry, brought to us from Russia with love.

Bernalwood pal Erin Archuleta from ICHI Sushi introduces the new lineup at 331 Cortland:

Anda Piroshki will take over our ICHI Lucky Cat Deli’s former space, and Big Dipper Baby Food will move into the former Wholesome Bakery kiosk. Paulie’s Pickling and Bernal Cutlery are both expanding into the former El Porteño space. I know that Anda’s been working with La Cocina.

So what’s on the menu for Anda Piroshki? Owner Anna Tvelova — that’s her up above — emailed Bernalwood with the details (TIP: The following is much more fun if you read it with a Russian accent):

My name is Anna and I make piroshki. Thank you very much for your interest to my business. I would love to share the biggest news: I am planning my Grand Opening at 331 Cortland on May 25th.

I make Russian homestyle piroshki what are usually baked (they can be panfried sometimes). Yeah, we traditionally do not deep-fry them at home, I guess those are more local commercialized version of it.

So Anda Piroshki are baked and my everyday bestsellers are:

Beef, Rice & Cheese
Cheesy Potato & Onions
Creamy Mushrooms & Rice
Apple, Cranberries & Almonds.

Also I will make seasonal piroshki, will see what is up on farmers’ markets. Will have couple vegan options. Planning to make Piroshki Light too (made with whole wheat flour and super healthy and nutritious fillings).

Super excited to have my own place and have opportunity to shape piroshki in front of my customers and serve them freshly baked from the oven.

Seeing as how I have been known to venture out to the avenues in The Richmond just to buy piroshkis from the Russian delis along Geary Boulevard, this comes as exciting news. See you on the 25th, Anna, and Добро пожаловать to Bernal Heights.

PHOTO: Anna Tvelova by Anda Piroshki

11 thoughts on “Piroshkis Are the New Empanadas at 331 Cortland

  1. Ohhhh man. This is great news! Empanadas are great and all, sure, but Piroshki? Piroshki are where it’s REALLY at.

  2. Also, I wonder if there is any chance of them expanding into Borscht so that I don’t have to go all the way out to the Richmond to get my fix.

      • Also the half-sour pickles they sell at Europa Market across the street from the Alexandria. Mmmmmmm.

      • Paulie’s Pickling is another business at 331 Cortland, they have wonderful half-sour pickles, those taste like my mom’s ones. My recommendations!

      • Can’t promise I will start smoke fish, but let you know if I decide to make a beet salad. Большое спасибо for welcoming and for a nice article you wrote! Hope to see you at 331 Cortland soon!

    • Yes, I am planning to have a borscht in my everyday menu. You are more than welcome to stop by and get some! We are starting on May 25th. Thank you for loving Russian food!

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