Fire-Damaged Cole Hardware and Playa Azul Demolished


It wasn’t with a bang, but with a whimper.

Yesterday, the Mission Street buildings that once housed Cole Hardware and Playa Azul — structures that were hollowed-out by the devastating fire last June — were finally demolished.

Neighbor Valerie took the blue-sky photo above later in the day, when work was wrapping up. Yet earlier in the morning, Neighbor William shared these photos taken just as the demolition was getting underway:

colehardwaredemo3It’s a sad (if inevitable) spectacle, and the void that’s left behind is a glaring symbol of the sadness many Bernalese feel at the loss of two esteemed neighborhood institutions.

PHOTOS: Top, Neighbor Valerie. Below, Neighbor William

9 thoughts on “Fire-Damaged Cole Hardware and Playa Azul Demolished

  1. Sad. And bummed to go to Lowes for the things I used to get at Cole’s. Come back soon, Cole Hardware!

    • I so agree with your statement greengirlSF!!! I pondered the same fate with much sadness and angst too. I loved shopping at Ace and always got a kick of Playa Azul.

      • *The tone of my last comment was supposed to convey enthusiasm for Discount Builder Supply as an alternative, not to say “you’re a dummy for going to Lowes.”

      • Thanks! I will check out DBS! Glad you explained what it stands for as that was going to be my next question. 🙂

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