Crowdfunding for Esmeralda Slide Park Artwork Now Tantalizingly Close to Goal

Rendering of proposed mosaic

Rendering of proposed mosaic

As you may recall, there’s a crowdfunding effort now underway to raise $14,000 to install a very cool mosaic at the spiffy new Esmeralda Slide Park plaza. As we write this now, the effort has already raised $13,158, so if you haven’t contributed yet — or even if you have — now is the time to contribute.

Neighbor Nancy, one of the superstar volunteers who has been organizing the Esmeralda slides renovation project, writes:

We have less than $1,000 needed to reach our target.

[mosaic artist Rachel Rodi] came to Esmeralda last week for her first site visit to see where “The Locator” will be installed in the Plaza. She loved the surroundings, especially the pepper tree that lords over the Plaza. Between our concept design and the inspiration Rachel got from her visit, she’s eager to create a mosaic tile that will knock our socks off!

We’re giving Rachel her 50% deposit this week so she can order the tiles and put “The Locator” on her fall schedule.

If you haven’t yet donated, NOW is the time. We’d like to close the campaign down within the next couple of weeks knowing we have all the funds to pay Rachel.

To all of you who have donated…..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Let’s do this! Please contribute now, right here, to help make this mosaic come to life at the fabulous Esmeralda Slide Park.

PHOTO: via the GoFundMe page

3 thoughts on “Crowdfunding for Esmeralda Slide Park Artwork Now Tantalizingly Close to Goal

  1. Thanks Todd again for your 2nd donation and for encouraging folks to donate to the “Locator”. I’m personally signing a contract with Rachel committing to paying her for her work. So, for what we as a community don’t raise through the GoFundMe, I’m on the hook to pay out of pocket. Let’s all make this happen together!!!

  2. Todd and Joan: I just went to the donation site and it said you’d made your goal! I hope i read it correctly. In any case, I’m good for $50 if you need it – Buck Bagot 415-385-0389.

  3. That’s a generous offer you made, Buck. Because the City does not have a contract with Rachel for her work, they will not be responsible for maintaining “The Locator”. Rachel guarantees her workmanship, but if something happens to it unrelated to what she guarantees, there are no funds for repair. We are accepting offline donations to set up a maintenance fund. Contact me, Joan Carson, if you’d like to contribute for upkeep. My email is Thanks again to everyone who donated to “The Locator”. For everyone who has donated, you’ll receive progress updates when we post on the GoFundMe page.

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