Aerial Photo Reveals Devastation from Mission Street Fire


From street level, it’s been hard to assess the true scale of last week’s five-alarm fire. In part, that’s because some of the damaged buildings are now boarded up. Yet  even before the plywood went up, the fire zone included a lot of interior spaces that are normally hidden behind the facades of the buildings.

To get a clear perspective on the damage done, you need an aerial photo. And now, courtesy of Neighbor Marni and Alan, we have one.

Marni and Alan live behind the Front Porch, and Alan captured the scene in this video taken from his drone.

The screenshot shows the view looking east toward Bernal Hill, as the drone hovered above just above the Front Porch. Here’s an annotated version, for orientation:


Finally, here’s a sobering view of what this location looked like before the fire, as seen in Apple Maps:


PHOTO: Burned buildings via video screenshot, courtesy of Alan Musselman

4 thoughts on “Aerial Photo Reveals Devastation from Mission Street Fire

  1. Thanks for the excellent photos. It’s a testament to the SFFD that they were able to contain the fire so that it didn’t burn down the hotel as well. The SFFD does really great work dousing fires in wooden buildings that are dried out after 100+ years.

    • It’s true: The SFFD does great work. That said, it’s also worth noting that the hotel had a sprinkler system, which activated during the fire. That no doubt helped a lot too.

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