Bernal Neighbor Eddie Ramirez Honored as Veteran of the Year


Last week, Assemblymember David Chiu invited Bernal neighbor Eduardo Ramirez to come to Sacramento.

Neighbor Eduardo is a resident of Cortlandia, and David Chiu was honoring him as Veteran of the Year for Assembly District 17, in recognition of both Neighbor Eduardo’s long service career and his post-retirement efforts to assist other veterans. Here’s the announcement from Assemblymember Chiu’s office:

Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco) this week honored United States Air Force veteran and Bernal Heights resident Eduardo “Eddie” Ramirez as the 2016 Veteran of the Year for the 17th Assembly District.

Eddie served in the United States Air Force for over 20 years and is a veteran of Operation Watch, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the Cold War. His distinguished military career has earned him numerous awards and decorations throughout his tenure in the Air Force.

Eddie has remained committed to serving his fellow veterans in San Francisco, acting as the founder and CEO of OneVet OneVoice, an organization that refers veterans to health care services. Additionally, he created the San Francisco Veterans Town Hall Collaborative and the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival. Eddie is the co-owner of the Excelsior’s Mama Art Cafe, a neighborhood cafe providing artistic space and entrepreneurship opportunities to veterans.

Eddie is a passionate, dedicated, and committed leader whose work has truly benefited our San Francisco’s veterans and is most deserving of his selection as Assembly District 17’s Veteran of the Year.

Bravo, Neighbor Eduardo, and congratulations!

PHOTO: via @DavidChiu

2 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbor Eddie Ramirez Honored as Veteran of the Year

  1. Congrats Eddie! We need more people like you to commit to serving our vets. They gave so much for us, they deserve so much more than they get. Great job!

  2. I love Mama Art Cafe. I didn’t know it was affiliated with veterans, which makes me like it even more. Thanks for your civic engagement and service Eddie.

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