Fatal Shooting Escalates East Bernal Crime Wave


A few weeks ago, Neighbor Daniel alerted us to a troubling wave of property crime plaguing residents on Holliday Avenue, along Bernal’s eastern slope. Yesterday, the crime wave turned violent, as Neighbor Eric tells Bernalwood about a shooting that took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning:

Wondering if you heard anything about the shots last night below the retaining wall on Holladay Ave? They woke me up at 3:20am. Then saw a man and a woman walking northbound around the corner onto Peralta talking loudly. This morning there is crime scene tape thoughtfully left like litter by, I can only assume, SFPD.

The SF Appeal carried a brief description of the incident, with a few more details:

[The] shooting was reported at 3:20 a.m. in the 100 block of Holladay Avenue in Bernal Heights via a SpotShotter gunshot detection system activation, police said.

Police did not find the victim, a 17-year-old male, at the scene, but later learned he had been taken to San Francisco General Hospital by friends. His injuries are considered life-threatening, police said.

Your SFPD liaison, the fabulous Neighbor Sarah, reached out to Capt. McFadden from Ingleside Station to learn more about the incident. Capt. McFadden said:

The shooting appears unrelated in any way to the homeless encampment [under the US101/Cesar Chavez interchange] and is being investigated by our Gang Task Force. It appears that there are a group of juveniles who have chosen the area of Holladay and Peralta to hang out. My patrol and undercover units will be paying a lot of attention to the area in an effort to disperse any future gatherings.

Please advise neighbors to call immediately [415-553-0123]when people begin to congregate in the area so that we can quickly respond and identify those involved. It is of utmost importance to give a detailed description of subjects and their vehicles for the responding officers.

UPDATE: In the comments, Neighbor Shane adds that the victim in the shooting incident later passed away at the hospital.

PHOTO: Crime scene on Holliday Ave. on Wednesday morning, by Neighbor Eric

14 thoughts on “Fatal Shooting Escalates East Bernal Crime Wave

  1. The police canvassed the neighborhood last night about the incident. Sadly, the victim died at the hospital yesterday.

    As much as some of us feel justifiably concerned for our own security after such a tragic incident, please remember that this sort of crime really is just troubled kids hurting each other. The chances of this violence extending to your household are extremely small. These kids just are not out to get you.

    So keep keep filing those police reports and have a kind thought (or even say a prayer) for that kid’s poor parents.

    (Apologies to those of you who’ve already read this cut-and-pasted reply over at Next Door.)

    • Dear Shane: Thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind reminder about the human lives involved in these types of incidents. Comments sections are too often vile and hate-filled or even coded speech covering over racism and etc. Next Door, from what I understand at least in the East Bay, has had more than its share of this in its “Crime” section. (I do not use Next Door, for no particular reason other than I’m spread thin enough online as it is, so I don’t mean to bash it – just a nod to the East Bay Express article and upsetting videos that have gone around.)

      I very much appreciate the reminder that while this event is certainly a crime to be aware of, cautious about, and concerned about how it impacts our neighbors and neighborhood, it is also a tragedy.

      • P.S. Just a clarification, I do not mean to imply that Bernalwood’s comments sections are offensive. It is not just Shane who shows kindness and intelligence. I am so often impressed with my neighbors and feel so fortunate to live among you. 🙂

    • I appreciate your optimism Shane, but the reality is that when shootings occur outside your front door, it’s very possible that the violence WILL extend into your household. Sure, maybe they’re aiming for each other, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get hit. I hope people continue to alert the police and continue to keep an eye out for their neighbors. Kids with guns are people with guns…doesn’t really matter if they’re 16 or 40.

  2. I spoke with the detectives from the major crimes unit who are investigating. They are particularly interested in video near the scene that may show cars or people coming or going. If you live on the 100 block of Peralta or the 100 block of Holladay and have video cameras that record the street you could be of use to the investigation by turning over footage for the hours preceding and following the 3:20am shooting (technicaly now a murder). The sergeant I spoke to was Phillip Gordon – 415-553-1201. phillip.m.gordon(at sign)sfgov(dot)org

    Given that the couple I saw laughing less than a minute after the shots walked along Holladay and then Peralta right around 3:20 am that is the time and place that I would assume would be the most useful to them. I don’t believe there are any cameras that would be able to cover the actual crime scene.

  3. This is a tragedy for the young man and his family. It is also a genuine danger for the neighborhood. A house wall is easily penetrated by a bullet and people inside can be injured. The house next door to mine was shot up as part of a gang initiation about fifteen years ago. I was home and immediately called the police. It was deafening and terrifying. Report everything. We cannot tolerate gun violence.

  4. “As much as some of us feel justifiably concerned for our own security after such a tragic incident, please remember that this sort of crime really is just troubled kids hurting each other.”

    It’s exactly this response – a progressive ‘soft on crime’ SF parody – that fosters an environment where these crimes are considered acceptable and robust police countermeasures deemed insensitive.

    “So keep keep filing those police reports…”

    Personally, If you live on that street, I’d recommend purchasing a firearm for home defense.

    • Way to go to the extreme Tony. Yes, the “troubled kids hurting each other” statement is, I agree, nieve and ridiculous. Like we’re suppose to think to ourselves…”oh, those gunshots are fine, it’s just kids with guns.” Like if it was an 18 year old that would somehow be a different story?

      That said, your suggestion that everyone on that street buy a gun is straight up stupid. What are those people going to do? Shoot people as they’re running away? Or, better yet, hear gun shots, go outside and see a couple laughing up the street and gun them down? It’s that mentality of “a good guy with a gun can take care of a bad guy with a gun” that is the problem. Guess what, not everyone is Good or Bad. Sometimes good people with guns shoot people by accident. You’re part of the problem

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