Fumi Curry Now Open on Mission Street in Bernal’s NanoTokyo District



There’s a new grand opening to celebrate in NanoTokyo, the emerging cluster of Japanese restaurants located around Mission and 29th Streets in Bernal Heights. Last night, Fumi Curry & Seafood opened for business for the very first time in the former Eagle Donuts location at 3303 Mission.

Neighbor Jen took the family for a test-drive dinner at Fumi last night, and she filed this report:


First night open was last night. We had a curry chicken, curry crab fried rice, and the kids teriyaki chicken meal (shown above). All were very good! Not like the best you’ve ever had, but definitely above average. Kids meal was a great value for $6 and even included a little toy yo-yo. Lots of families with young children there and one couple on a date who seemed a bit overwhelmed by the family crowd. Good service and the place looks amazing. As much as I miss Eagle Donuts, the decor is a distinct improvement.

Hurrah! Sounds encouraging.

Oh, and if you’re not familiar with the joyful world of Japanese-style curry, check out Bernalwood’s primer on the subject here.

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6 thoughts on “Fumi Curry Now Open on Mission Street in Bernal’s NanoTokyo District

  1. It seems Bernal is lacking in truly family friendly places. Sure if your little ones are well behaved they can sit at a place like Ichi. Just look at the number of kids at Pizza Hacker on a Friday or Saturday night around 6:30.
    This might not be the best you’ve ever had, but if they have a nice $6 chicken teriyaki it could be a winner.

    • Yes I don’t begrudge anyone else’s choices for their situations however I do like getting a proper assessment of what I’m getting myself into.

      The last place recommended here, “Bel”, I tried and was nearly abysmal. The place reeked of an old air conditioner or something. The inviolable rule of retail and especially restaurants is air quality (thank heavens for the smoking ban). I should have bolted at one whiff but I carried through trying to be fair and was mildly food poisoned.

      That’s candor, and that’s what we should be helping each other with.

      • Brah, I went by and looked at the food and it didn’t look that great. And the prices were kinda high for Average-Asian. And too many noisy kids in there too. Okayee?

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