Housing Shortage Becomes Fodder for Twee Bernal Birdhouse Humor


There comes a point in every Bay Area economic boom where housing is scarce and rents are through the roof when some jokester comments about renting out the garage, or the doghouse, or a tent in the yard for an absurd amount of money. (Although, turns out, the tent in the yard is real.)

Citizens of Bernalwood, we have reached that moment. Neighbor Robert shared this photo of a birdhouse he spotted on Precita.

For Rent!! LOLZ!! But wait… it’s a trend!

Neighbor Valerie spotted two more birdhouses on offer around Coleridge:

But here’s the thing: Market forces tell us that $3000 a month is actually a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a birdhouse, because Neighbor Robert also spotted a very innnnnnnnnteresting property listing in The Mission.

It’s an entire studio apartment, and it could be yours for just $2500:

2015-07-04 17.24.25

What a bargain!

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7 thoughts on “Housing Shortage Becomes Fodder for Twee Bernal Birdhouse Humor

  1. I’m as quick to laugh at these at the next gal, but I think it’s also important to remember that behind the humor is real suffering, with many of our friends and neighbors being abruptly forced out of long-time homes, having to leave behind their city and community. Don’t take it as scolding — I agree that market rents are so crazy that you have to laugh! — but after I laugh, I personally like to remember the human cost and real loss we all feel as more and more of our loved ones are forced to leave SF.

  2. We’ve got a gazebo in our backyard and a friend jokingly suggested we could rent it out for $1500 a month, easily–it does have a roof and two sides……and original artwork hanging there

  3. Well if our Bored of Stupidvisors didn’t put so much efforts into enacting inane policies, we’d be in better shape housing wise: mission housing moratorium? No new construction unless it’s all 100% affordable? More rent control restrictions on LL’s? The politics in this city are seriously broken, seriously disincentivizing property owners from renting out units. And given the high demand for housing and the influence of tech, the housing market is getting creamed here with this lethal combination.

    We get the city we deserve?

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