Super-Excited Neighbor Creates Super-Sexy Tee to Celebrate Super-Awesome Justices


Remember that awesome day in late June when the Supreme Court affirmed the legal status of same-sex marriage? We’re already feeling nostalgic about it.

To commemorate that magical moment, Neighbor Ashley from Bradford Street created a t-shirt that celebrates Obergefell v. Hodges:

Some friends and I just finished up a super sexy side project. We were inspired by our Supreme Court’s super-exciting decision to make marriage equality the law of the land, so we decided to make a beeautiful t-shirt to celebrate them and raise some money for a good cause. is the website we created to sell super sexy t-shirts that say: “I’m smart AND sexy” These shirts celebrate the totally radical Supreme Court justices who voted to pass the historic 5-4 decision to extend marriage to same-sex couples across the country.

Proceeds from SCOTUS Pride will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that works to protect the Civil Rights of all Americans. Awesomeness! Charity! Smartology! It’s all very exciting. We’ve got many styles and colors available on the website.

9 thoughts on “Super-Excited Neighbor Creates Super-Sexy Tee to Celebrate Super-Awesome Justices

    • Haha, I think we posted our comments simultaneously! I’m so bummed, it’s a great design.

  1. They’re awesome! But I just went to buy one, and shipping is $13???!! On top of the ladies’ shirt price, my total would have been $42…. maybe they can offer free in-person pickup within SF.

  2. Hey all! Just fixed the shipping issue! Sorry about that! You should be able to choose your carrier now!

  3. If you want to arrange for free-SF pickup please email me at awfloraday at gmail dot com

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