Sunday Morning: Rogue DIY Easter Egg Hunt for the Kiddies in Holly Park!!


The Easter Bunny is coming to Bernal Heights.

On Sunday morning, April 5, a bunch of Bernal neighbors plan to go rogue to create a magical Easter Egg Hunt in Holly Park. But as Neighbor Evie explains,  if you want to participate with your kids, you have to help make it happen:

The Holly Park Hunt takes place on Easter Sunday, April 5. I don’t have any official role in the hunt. In fact, I think maybe nobody does, at least not any more. Here’s how it works:

Hiders (parents) come hide eggs at 9 am. The kids come later and the hunt begins in a big frenzy at exactly 10 am. Kids meet to begin the hunt at the top of the hill near the baseball field.

It’s super-fun and I don’t think anyone really organizes it. We just all show up and do it. I plan to show up this year and I’m guessing I won’t be alone.

A crucial component: Each parent should plan to hide exactly as many eggs as you allow your child(ren) to collect. That way, no children come and leave with nothing. We usually show up with one or two dozen and then, after my daughter has found that many, she can either stop or do a find-and-replace game, where she re-hides the same number that she finds.

PHOTO: Special cameo appearance by the Easter Bunny in Holly Park, 2012, by Bronwyn Ximm

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