Saturday Morning: Clean Up Precita Park, Plant Things, Meet Sexy Neighbors


Neighbor Demece, queen bee of the impressively effective Precita Valley Neighbors, invites all Bernalese to join in for a Precita Park Cleanup and flower planting, tomorrow, Saturday, April 4 at 9 am:

The Ultimate Spring Precita Park Clean Up and Get To Know Your Neighbor Fest happens on Saturday, April 4th from 9am – noon!!!

We’ll be gardening, chatting, digging, and chatting. Volunteers are needed. If you can stay an hour or however long you can, we’d love to have you!!!

The Recreation and Parks Department will bring tools, trucks, and our incredible gardening staff to help us! Captains are:

9-10am: Neighbor Demece
10-11am:Neighbor Charles
11-noon: Neighbor Jessica

There are crazy surprises in store for volunteers and captains! Sign up by sending an email t0

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning: Clean Up Precita Park, Plant Things, Meet Sexy Neighbors

  1. Why would be be planting at this time of year, especially in drought?

    Getting plants established — even those labeled “drought tolerant” takes a lot of water, especially when the soil is bone dry and the plants have short roots because they’re coming out of a pot. And putting in annuals for prettiness in drought seems like folly in our current situation.

    Planting in San Francisco is a December project. Even in a good rain year it’s a waste of water to plant in April, but it seems a lot of folks from four season climates can’t seem to shake that perception.

  2. We had a wonderful time! And for those worried about the drought (as are we) we spent the time weeding and pulling up foxtails from the beautiful Palm island across from the cafe. John from park services was awesome! Gave us all sorts of advice for drought-resistant plants.

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