Drone on Bernal Hill Feels Strangely Classic and Timeless


Ah, the simple pleasures….

Last weekend I went for a lovely walk in the warm sun on Bernal Hill, surrounded by gentle breezes, rustling grass, barking dogs, laughing children, and the whirring hum of a video drone capturing footage of the whole scene.

Not complaining, because the drone’s operator was being very careful considerate, and the fancy new tech somehow felt familiar and ancient — sort of like a mechanical hummingbird. Timeless and cutting edge, all at the same time.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

8 thoughts on “Drone on Bernal Hill Feels Strangely Classic and Timeless

  1. Yes, that’s one of those new drones! That thing has a 4k camera on it, very cool. I think they weight like 6 pounds though. So far I haven’t heard of any accidents with them, hopefully they stay safe…

  2. As cool as I think these RC aircraft can be, I’m not looking forward to having the sky filled with them.

  3. I think the technology is amazing but they are annoying. The noise is obnoxious. Find a field where othe people are not enjoying the sky, birds, etc. people are very inconsiderate to fly them at bernal. Can I hurl shit up in the air too? I will be super considerate while I do it!

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