Tiny, 200 sq. ft. Apartment in Bernal Heights Asks $1400 a Month (with Bonus Hot Tub Access)


Neighbor Ashley is morbidly entertained by a new Craigslist rental listing in Bernal Heights:

I wish there were a good portmanteau for when something is very fun and very sad at the same time. If there were, I would use it to describe this posting.

Yes, this is a listing for somebody’s 200 square-foot, half-finished utility room, with a stove and a bed for $1400 a month.

Thank *God* for the bit about the hot tub. That part pushes it into the comedic zone for me.

For the benefit of future historians, here’s a snapshot of the full post:


10 thoughts on “Tiny, 200 sq. ft. Apartment in Bernal Heights Asks $1400 a Month (with Bonus Hot Tub Access)

  1. Here’s the AirBnB listing. Just $150 a night!

    Adding to the comedy for me, part of the AirBnB description: “If you missed having a bunk bed, this is for you!”

    Disappointingly, there’s not even one review so we can get a real first-hand account of this gem.


  2. The closest vernacular for “sad+funny” in this day and age would be “lolsob”. I think that fits this situation.

  3. I notice this used to be a full time Airbnb listing…maybe the owner became concerned about the legal issues now swirling around Airbnb? Have things truly gotten this bad? Yikes.

  4. This perfectly illustrates the venality of SF landlords these days. The sheer lack of shame required to charge $1400 a month for this just amazes me. Just because the market will bear it doesn’t mean you SHOULD offer a barely furnished shoebox for such a price. Have San Francisco’s landlords forgotten common decency?

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