This Weekend: You’re Invited to Dr. Rick’s 2014 Halloween Nightmare

Halloween2014 Nightmare1

Dr. Rick from the world-famous Farmhouse Mansion on the north side of Folsom Street is having a freaky Halloween costume fundraiser party this Saturday, Oct. 25. He asked us to let you know… because you’re so invited:

Hello friends, family, co-workers, neighbors,  and assorted party-goers,

This year’s Halloween Costume Party Fundraiser at the Farmhouse Mansion has definitely surpassed all of our wildest expectations. With 6+ amazing bands, fire dancers, albino contortionists, tarot card readers, delectable food, full host bar, scary cinema, especially spooky gardens, an outstanding DJ driving the Rave Room, as well as an extra dash of zaniness for good measure, this year’s Nightmare-themed Halloween party will be a somnambulant smörgåsbord of delirious delights– whew.

Of note for parents: Yes, you can bring kids– but BEWARE.


Parts of this party are scary and it can get pretty wild and fun and crowded especially later, so families with kids may want to come early (6-8pm) before things get out of control.

Happy Nightmares,
Dr. Rick

Halloween2014 Nightmare2

4 thoughts on “This Weekend: You’re Invited to Dr. Rick’s 2014 Halloween Nightmare

  1. That was a LOT of fun. Had a great time. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a party in SF with so many people speaking Italian (made even more surreal by their Vatican-themed costumes). Thanks Dr. Rick!

  2. PLEASE post about the one this year! I always look for info on this party and it’s so hard to find! Been the last four years, This is seriously the best halloween party in San Francisco!

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