Tire-Spinning Sideshow Celebrates Giants Victory on Mission at Valencia


Hooray Giants!

It’s become a bit of a ritual: Whenever the Giants have a big win — we’re talking pennant- or World Series-level stuff — crowds flow onto Mission Street in Bernal for a (generally) good-spirited festival of ad hoc anarchy and celebration.

Last night’s NLCS pennant victory was no exception, and this video shows the tire-spinning excitement that went down at the intersection of Mission and Valencia:

A few fans celebrate Giants win into the World Series by doing donuts in the intersection. This went on for about 15 minutes until the police showed up.

Something is going on in this corner of Bernal Heights. If it’s not renegade cattle stockyards and vile-smelling offal, it’s smoke and burning rubber in the late hours of the night.

Meanwhile, the inane TV news coverage of the festivities turned your Bernalwood editor into a NAMBY:

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15 thoughts on “Tire-Spinning Sideshow Celebrates Giants Victory on Mission at Valencia

  1. I’m all for exuberance, but swinging the fat ass of a Corvette around in close quarters is a dumb thing to do.

  2. This sort of behavior cleans out the gene pool from time to time. What’s wrong with men who do this sort of thing and think it’s cool?

  3. I loathe when our local teams win anything for this exact reason. Not looking forward to buses being torched or the Mission being trashed again if they win the series. The rioting last time was terrible and I’m wondering when the PD is going step up patrols in anticipation of these events.

    • SFPD was very present along Mission (and generally throughout the city) last night, and that’s why there was such a swift response to the sideshow.

      • There wasn’t swift response by SFPD — there was no response at all. I watched this from my window for at least 15 minutes before one cop car showed up and they just took off down the street after one car. Then absolutely nothing. The cop they show in the video is the only police presence and they were about 15 minutes too late. It was completely ridiculous.

  4. I found the comments to the YouTube video disturbing–that the wheelers must not be from SF. Sometimes its hard to see city demographics from atop the Google bus, but there are our neighbors from the Mission/Exc in all their glory, putting on a crazy show.

  5. Very stupid! Sincerely hope SFPD arrested these jerks. At least this time, they did not torch any businesseses.

  6. I was enjoying a drink at the Royal Cuckoo when the this “sideshow” began drowning out the live music. When I took a gander outside I couldn’t help noticing how It downright dangerous this even was for anyone in the intersection of Valencia and Mission. After 15 minutes of car after car doing donuts (some at high speeds), peeling rubber and tying up traffic, I called 911 but got a recording. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior. I truly wish the people who participated in these stunts would have been prosecuted or at least received stiff fines. I’m surprised Todd is writing about all of this in such an exuberant, approving tone.

  7. Unfortunately and predictably, the trashy guys from the trashy house on bocana were setting off their seriously loud fireworks for a couple hours afterwards. Shooting them off in the street and some shot up over their neighbors houses and kindling-dry yards. That is some trailer-park sh%t.

  8. You guys, we live in a city. This stuff happens. It’s loud, it’s annoying, but it’s also part of what make life exciting in a city.

    Move to a gated community in the ‘burbs if you want peace and controlled quiet.

    • You forgot the part about it being extremely dangerous for all involved and flat you illegal. Living in a city like SF does NOT give these people the right to put their fellow citizens in harms way.

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