Play Ball! Neighbor Matt Nathanson Sang the National Anthem at Yesterday’s Giants Season Opener


Yesterday was Opening Day for the 2016 San Francisco Giants season, and Bernal neighbor and rockstar-in-residence Matt Nathanson was there to sing the national anthem. You can watch it here.

A few hours later, the Giants went on to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 12-6, with help from a Hunter Pence grand slam. So to recap: Neighbor Matt sang the national anthem, and the Giants crushed the Dodgers. Coincidence? Hold that thought.

Neighbor Matt got a pretty swell souvenir out of the deal:

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Neighbor Matt sang the national anthem at a Giants season opener. Historians will note he also sang it in 2010, and we all know how that turned out. Coincidence?

We think not.

PHOTO: Top, via Jason Snell. Hat Tip: kc!

Giants Win Another World Series, But What About the Children?


For better or worse, San Francisco has become rather skilled at winning.

Case in point: Last night’s World Series victory by the San Francisco Giants, the team’s third World Series victory in five years.

The Bernalwood Action News Team watched the Giants clinch their 2014 championship victory from fashionable Lundy’s Landing on the west slope, where the al fresco baseball viewing experience was an image of everything that’s good and right in the universe right now. This was the scene during the second-to-last out of the game:

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Scene on Lundys

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Here’s a post-game victory portrait of Team Lundys, highlighting the Bernal sexy:


Super- mega- extra- gold stars for the Lundy’s neighbors who made the al fresco World Series happen. That was as good as it gets.

From Lundys, the Bernalwood Action News Team rolled down to Mission Street to watch the festivities there. From afar, we heard lots of whooping and car horns honking. Madness! We arrived on Mission across from our Taoist Safeway, and quickly assessed the situation. There was a robust police presence, with bemused SFPD officers standing on almost every block. Most of the whooping was coming from cheerful pedestrians celebrating on the sidewalk. Like these stylish gents:


Much of the honking car horns was coming from minivans full of parents and their excited children participating in an ad hoc parade.


We encountered this group of Bernal hooligans as they wandered south on Mission:


The big excitement in Greater Bernalwood was on Mission at Precita, where a large crowd gathered in front of the (rather delicious) Baby Blues BBQ restaurant. There was much cheering and waving of banners:


At one point, Bernalwood peered into a car stopped at the intersection. Star Sighting!!!  It was San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr.  You remember: That guy from the Batkid video! Chief Suhr was out surveying the situation from the passenger seat of an unmarked car:


Then, with impeccable timing, just moments after Chief Suhr headed north on Mission, a pod of Lowriders showed up.  And when the light at Mission and Precita turned from green to red, the cars began to bounce:

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Cars that go boom

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Much bouncing ensued. And lifting, and tilting, and and flag-waving, and cheering. There were some firecrackers, and lots of laughing and high-fiving, and in general, there was a lot of euphoria but not a lot of mayhem on our stretch of Mission Street.

Sure, things got far more wild as you headed north on Mission. But here in Bernal, this is about as wild as it got:

Because overall, San Francisco is getting very good at winning.

Yet herein lies an insidious peril, particularly for the children of Bernal Heights.

The hazard is that for many of our Junior Citizens, World Series celebrations
have become a familiar event. Victory is the only thing they have ever known. The whole “win the World Series, whoop it up around the neighborhood, then go to sleep to the sound of news helicopters hovering overhead” … this has become a familiar ritual in their young lives.

In other words, our children are growing up with unrealistic expectations. They have no first-hand knowledge of lifelong defeat, late-inning disappointment, or unrequited loyalty to a losing team. The oddness of this condition was summarized by one Bernal parent whom Bernalwood spoke with last night on Mission Street:

“It’s okay if the kids stay up a little late,” the Bernal parent said. “This only happens once every two years.”

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Bernal Hill Stars in the Most Epic Display of Giants Pride the World Has Ever Seen


Holy schmokes!  While things were going badly for the Giants last night, Daniel Leu, our favorite Bernal-watcher on Potrero Hill, noticed that we looked rather stunning during the sunset.

Daniel writes:

While the San Francisco Giants were battling the Kansas City Royals, the sky over Bernal Heights had its own spectacular show.

We may have lost the game, but it can now be said Bernal Hill put on the most epic display of orange-and-black Giants Pride the world has ever seen.

PHOTO: Daniel Leu

On Lundys Landing, Bernal Neighbors Share an Al Fresco World Series



Last night’s 7-1 victory over the Royals in Game One of the World Series was a great moment for all Giants fans, but the scene was particularly sweet on Lundys Landing, where some of your neighbors projected the game onto the side of an adjacent house.

Neighbor Valjoy says the al fresco viewing party will happen again for Game Two tonight, and you’re invited:

PHOTOS: Top, @travis_schlafke. Below, @Valjoy9

Tire-Spinning Sideshow Celebrates Giants Victory on Mission at Valencia


Hooray Giants!

It’s become a bit of a ritual: Whenever the Giants have a big win — we’re talking pennant- or World Series-level stuff — crowds flow onto Mission Street in Bernal for a (generally) good-spirited festival of ad hoc anarchy and celebration.

Last night’s NLCS pennant victory was no exception, and this video shows the tire-spinning excitement that went down at the intersection of Mission and Valencia:

A few fans celebrate Giants win into the World Series by doing donuts in the intersection. This went on for about 15 minutes until the police showed up.

Something is going on in this corner of Bernal Heights. If it’s not renegade cattle stockyards and vile-smelling offal, it’s smoke and burning rubber in the late hours of the night.

Meanwhile, the inane TV news coverage of the festivities turned your Bernalwood editor into a NAMBY:

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Elusive Bikini Jogger Sighting Provides Important Reassurance During Uncertain Times


Stars collide, galaxies collapse, websites fall over, and the macroeconomic forces of global capitalism grind inexorably onward. Yet all is well in Bernal Heights, because there’s been a sighting of the legendary Bikini Jogger.

A Bernal neighbor shared this snap of the Bikini Jogger on the move yesterday near the Folsom gate on Bernal Hill. With it, we can all rest assured that at least our corner of the universe remains enlivened and perplexed.

Previous Bikini Jogger coverage on Bernalwood

Where to Buy Your Ski Bernalwood Season Pass





Hello Skiers and Snowboarders!

It’s been cold, and it’s been wet, which means conditions have never been better at Ski Bernalwood, San Francisco’s finest wintersports resort destination. Right now we’ve got a 41″ base with powder and packed powder on top, so it’s a great time to strap on your boards and and explore all the terrain we’ve opened up on Bernal Hill.

Let’s go over some of the highlights on tap for Winter 2013.

Ski Bernalwood 2013 Season Passes Now On Sale

Ski Bernalwood offers plenty of challenging terrain for riders of all ability levels, with two charilifts for fast, convenient access to all areas of the mountain. But before you hit the slopes, you’re going to need a lift ticket.

This year, we’re proud to announce that Ski Bernalwood has partnered with several of the finest merchants in Bernal Heights to offer an our first-ever Ski Bernalwood Season Pass.


For reals! This is an actual adhesive-backed lift ticket, sold with a complimentary metal wicket you can use to affix it to your favorite jacket or outerwear. Ski Bernalwood season passes are available for purchase starting today at any one of Ski Bernalwood’s Authorized Lift Ticket Vendors: Heartfelt on Cortland, Secession Art & Design on Mission, or the Precita Park Cafe in North Bernal.

Now, you might reasonably ask, Why should I buy a 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s why:

1) It’s a Superior Value
Have you purchased an all-day lift ticket in Lake Tahoe ski lately? Heavenly wants $102 for one. Squaw Valley gets $99 a day. Northstar is $105. But starting today, Ski Bernalwood is offering a full season pass for just $4.

That’s right! Four bucks buys a Ski Bernalwood Season Pass that gives you unlimited access to our trail and lift network for all of Winter 2013. Just show your pass to the lift attendants, and let our high-speed chairs whisk you up Bernal Hill to a world of gravity-fueled adventure.


2) There’s So Much to Enjoy
All your favorite Ski Bernalwood terrain features are back for 2013. There’s lots of powder to discover in the steeps of the 14 Limited and Stoney Grotto runs. Huck the cornice at Cornelio’s Folly. Or drop in at the Haunted House Terrain Park, where our engineers have just completed construction of a massive new tabletop jump. We predict it will leave you spinning:


Of course, you can’t go big on an empty stomach. That’s why we’ve put together a terrific lineup of tasty treats at the Sutrito Summit Lodge. Inside, you’ll find Off Piste, the innovative Swedish-style bistro that San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer says is “redefining what urban ski lodge cuisine can be.” To manage your thirst, don’t miss the two full bars serving artisanal cocktails and microbrews on tap. Outside, you can enjoy our Patio BBQ while taking in views of the city below.


3) It’s Devastatingly Fashionable
Your 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass opens the door to an entire winter of downhill fun, but it looks great on or off the slopes. No matter if you’re running errands on Cortland Avenue, or weekending in Chamonix, or rocking the red carpet at the Academy Awards — the Ski Bernalwood season pass attached to your jacket, hat, or shoulder bag represents Bernal Heights and tells the world that you demand superior downhill wintersports excitement.


4) Think Globally, Ski Locally
Each 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass is printed on rugged, self-adhesive vinyl, to handle any abuse you dish out on the slopes or around town. You’ll also be glad to know your pass was printed by your neighbors at Ellaprint on Precita Avenue, right at the base of Bernal Hill. So you won’t just look good you when wear your 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass — you’ll feel good.

Remember, you can purchase your 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass for just $4 from any of these Authorized Ticket Sales Vendors:


Just stop by Heartfelt, Secession, or Precita Park Cafe during normal business hours, and ask at the counter for a 2013 Ski Bernalwood Season Pass. They’ll set you up.

We’ll see you on the slopes!


Giants World Series Victory Triggers Euphoria Across Bernal Heights

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Oh, hey… didya hear? The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series. Seriously! Afterward, fans in Bernal Heights were just a little bit excited.

I took in the scene from the corner of Mission and Precita, where revelers set up an orange-and-black balloon conga line for motorists to traverse. There were lots of smiles,  lots of people saying “Wooooooooooooo!” and many, many high-fives.

Giants World Series Celebration

Here’s a video, for full audio effect:

Things even got loopy on Cortland Street, as seen in this photo by The New Wheel:

Congratulations, San Francisco Giants!!

(PS: Have more photos from last night? Send ’em to us and I’ll post the greatest hits here.)

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Telstar Logistics, except for final image, by The New Wheel

After Giants Win, a Gangnam Style Air Raid Celebration on Cortland

Wooooooo! Wow! The Giants are headed to the World Series. Again. Woooooooooo!

I was at Wild Side West on Cortland when the final out clinched the Giants’ victory in Game 7 of the NLCS, and the scene was rather wonderful. Immediately after the game was won, someone put PSY’s  “Gangam Style” on the jukebox, and the whole place erupted into a dance party:

Then I wandered outside, just in time to catch a very happy dude cruising up the street while cranking a vintage air raid siren:


PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Telstar Logistics

The Stray Bar Brunch: PBR, Football, and Free Hot Dogs

If it fills you with existential dread to contemplate the idea of spending yet another Sunday brunch nibbling on free-range organic buttermilk pancakes while chatting idly about the latest New York Times Magazine cover story, you’ll be pleased to know that the Stray Bar on Cortland now offers a more robust alternative:

Football season is here and Stray Bar is ready for you! We have the NFL Ticket and we are open every Sunday at 9:30AM so you can fill up on your favorite teams and hot dogs all day long! Enjoy $5 Bloody Mary’s, $2 Tecate, $3 Pabst Blue Ribbons from 10-2pm along with free hot dogs & popcorn. We have a first-come first-served policy, so arrive early if you want to see your game on one of our three TV’s at the front bar. Come early for a good seat at the bar!

If you ask nicely, the bartender may let you pour maple syrup over your hot dogs. Maybe.

PHOTO: The Stray Bar

SF Giants Stitchbomber Strikes on Crescent Street

It happened yesterday, on Crescent Street.  The yarn-wielding bomber explains how she did it:

I plotted it out on graph paper ahead of time, but because of the major difference btw squares and diamonds, I had to re-adjust on the fly and redo a few spots. Just like with smaller-scale cross stitch, it came to life under my hands and took on a life of its own as I got further along.

Everyone who passed on the street was tickled. One guy said “That looks really cool!” A little girl yelled, “Giants!” And yeah, I realize a major-league baseball logo might seem like a lame public-art project, but in my culturally-diverse neighborhood, this crazy team’s logo really is common ground, guaranteed to make everybody happy.

Best part? I got upstairs and peered out my front window, and voila, two hipsters coming up the street took a picture in front of it. I’m still grinning!

PHOTOS: Fun of a Stitch