Writer Chris Colin Invites You To a Curious Pop-Up Dinner in His Bernal Heights Home


Bernal neighbor and celebrity journalist Chris Colin extends this unusual invitation to attend an unusual dinner party at his Bernal Heights home:

A little news, neighbors: I’m starting a restaurant! It launches Friday, Oct. 3, in Bernal. It’s going to be awesome. I’m also closing this restaurant, on Oct. 4. Please come eat at this exclusive, one-night-only affair.

I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll do this under the auspices of a site that arranges similar pop-up restaurants in people’s homes — EatWith.com for instance — or just on my own. Either way, it’ll feature 8-10 people coming to our house, and my wife and me serving our best food and drinks, plus maybe some other fun little whatnots.

We’re not chefs. We’re people who throw decent dinner parties. That’s part of the appeal for me — finding out whether regular people, who cook good food and dim the lights just so, could ever run a successful restaurant. If you’re someone who likes taking chances on weird and larky things, we’d really love to have you.

The fine print: We cannot know each other. Why? Because I’m also writing a magazine story about the experience, and will want to extract your unbiased opinions about it. This also means you’ll have to be okay with being written about, and possibly photographed. Nothing weird or TMZ’ish, I promise.

About us: I’m a writer, my wife Amy is a public radio reporter. I write about food sometimes, and Amy once co-published a magazine about meat. But mostly we’re no more involved in food than your average Bay Areans. We live in Bernal and have two kids, whom we’ll boot for the night. Duh.

Drop me a line if you’re game, or maybe game! It’ll be a fun night and you’ll meet interesting people and it’ll be a thing to remember. We hope it will be delicious, too. Worst-case scenario, well, I guess that’d be a giant meteor. That’d be just horrible.

Thanks for reading. Details below.
Chris Colin

When: 7pm, Oct. 3, 2014
Where: Bernal Heights, not far from Sandbox Bakery
Price: $55 per person, incl. alcohol
RSVP: cc@well.com

First-come, first-served. Dietary restrictions can’t be accommodated — sorry, too new at this!

UPDATE: In the comments, Chris says this event is now SOLD OUT.  We look forward to the report after the dinner takes place

ILLUSTRATION: Supper with Chris Colin, by Bernalwood

12 thoughts on “Writer Chris Colin Invites You To a Curious Pop-Up Dinner in His Bernal Heights Home

  1. sounds really fun. and interesting. i hope you get some neat people to join you. just curious though… why are you charging $55/person for a dinner party? you are benefitting from the attendance and i assume getting paid for the article you are going to write. i just don’t know if anyone is going to pay you to let them go to your house for dinner.

    • I think transparency on the costs behind the $55 will make this a lot more attractive. I would add things like:

      Food raw material: $10
      Baby-sitting: $20
      Set-up and tear-down costs (e.g., house cleaning and dish washing before and after): $10
      Time and effort of food preparation: $10
      Profit: $5

      Being the subject of an upcoming article and its photos: Free

    • I don’t blame you for blanching at the $55, Rx. If it’s any consolation, we’re almost surely going to lose money on the dinner part, crazy as that sounds. Some of the reasons: We’re dumb novices; we’re going to splurge; restaurants can save $$ in ways that regular civilians can’t; cooking for twelve will take time out of our workdays; babysitting.

      Yes, I do get paid to write the story later, but that money’s for writing the story. I promise writers don’t earn a lot.

  2. Sold out before I even read this post! Such a fun idea and I’d love to meet like-minded neighbors, do another one soon please!

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