Globetrotting Bernal Neighbors Still Having Fun, Still Wishing You Were Here


J_borneo and Java 082

When we last heard from Bernal neighbors Matt and Jennifer last November, they were happily enjoying an extended post-retirement tour of Southeast Asia. This week, Neighbor Matt wrote Bernalwood to say… they’re not ready to come home yet:

Just wanted to say hello again. Jennifer and I left Bernal 15 months ago to explore Southeast Asia. At some point we will return. As best I can, I read up on the events around Bernal, and still wish that I could be in two places at once. So far we’vre travelled to Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and the Indonesian islands of Bali, Borneo, and Java. Bernal has some ties to Bali.

Last September, as a birthday present, a new friend here in Bali (named Heiner) gave me a print from an artist friend he knew in Bernal: Jesse Schlenkler – I received the second painting shown in this post!

I proudly wear by “Bernal Heights” t-shirt often. We met a lovely family who were visitng Bali a few months back, and who saw my shirt and introduced themselves. They have good friends in Bernal, with whom they were soon going to visit. And, another friend of ours here has a good friend from our village on the hill.

Not long ago we happened upon a beautiful roadside wedding in Borneo, and stopped to take photos from across the street. But we were seen by the guests, and invited in – despite our sweaty, dirty appearance. We were well fead, seated in the front row, and then requested to stand with the wedding couple and their parents for dozens of photos. It was all a bit surreal, and really fun. We left 45 minutes later to a hundred waving new friends, blowing us kisses.

My sandles are in Southeast Asia, but my heart is in San Francisco.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Matt in central Java (top), and Borneo

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