Cool Old Sign on Cortland Is Actually New, But Still Way Cool


On a recent evening, your Bernalwood editor was strolling in downtown Cortlandia, near the glamorous northeast corner of Cortland and Ellsworth. I looked up as I passed the corner store, and noticed a rather beautiful, retrolicious neon sign that  declared “Pay Little.”

“Words to live by!” I thought. “A credo for the Bernal tribe!”

It was right there — in gorgeous glowing neon. Yet why hadn’t I noticed this gem before?

From the style and the typeface, the sign looked midcentury, circa 1940s. But it was also pristine, and as I looked more closely, I realized that it wasn’t old at all. It was a new sign, extremely well executed. Bravo!

A quick chat with the gentleman behind the counter at the Pay Little confirmed my hypothesis: The sign is new, although it does look old.  And it’s classically cool, regardless.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

17 thoughts on “Cool Old Sign on Cortland Is Actually New, But Still Way Cool

  1. Same thing happened to me……a cool old sign ….was that there before? How could I have missed it? A great addition to the street.

  2. Great sign. And a nice story as the current owners have done a lot to make it a sweet little neighborhood store.

  3. YES! I love old style neon. One of my favorite road trips is Central Avenue, the old U.S. 66, through Albuquerque. It has probably the largest collection of neon along one stretch of highway in America. Also, El Camino Real in the San Jose area has some good signs.

  4. That sign does look great, well done!

    Speaking of signs, is there a way to get the ‘Welcome to Bernal Heights’ sign replaced at the bottom of Cortland near Bayshore? It was always nice seeing that on the journey home, but it seems to have been missing for a couple of years now.

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