Ecosexy New Film By Celebrity Bernal Heights Neighbors Is “An Ecosexual Love Story”


Bernal neighbors and celebrity filmmakers Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle have created a new film that’s starting to hit the festival circuit. It’s called “Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story,” and it’s coming home to San Francisco this weekend.

Neighbor Beth says, “The film is about stopping mountain top removal by engaging our deep love for the Earth. We’ve invented a new sexuality, Ecosexuality, to express this love and to help make the environmental movement a little more “sexy, fun, and diverse.”

Their film was shown at the Sheffield Film Festival in Sheffield, England this week, and it’s playing for SF Indie Fest at the glamorous Roxie Theater on Saturday June 14 and Thursday June 19.

Here’s the ecosexy official summary:

Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story is the autobiographical documentary of ecosexual lovers Beth Stephens’ and Annie Sprinkle’s journey from San Francisco to West Virginia to visit Beth’s family and join the fight against a devastating new coal mining technique, mountain top removal. While we all use the electricity generated by coal, mountain top removal (MTR) is little known outside of West Virginia and this film exposes its social and environmental injustices in one of the most poverty-stricken regions of the United States. It also explores the devastating global consequences to us all, even those living far beyond the destruction of the endangered, bio-diverse Appalachian Mountains. By juxtaposing sadness and humor, love and greed, beauty and devastation, it braids Beth’s West Virginia coalfield hillbilly past, with the promise of ecosexuality in order to deploy new strategies of resistance and make the fight against environmental destruction more sexy, fun, hopeful and diverse. It asks, what would happen if we changed our relationship from Earth as mother, to Earth as lover? It encourages gay, lesbian, bi, trans, inter, fairy, and eventually ecosexual communities to find creative ways to engage environmental justice. This is how Stephens and Sprinkle come to marry the Appalachian Mountains and join the fight to abolish MTR. It’s a compelling story of small communities facing annihilation for short-term corporate gain, but it’s also a story about hope, love-and how, finding strength together, we can resist, and fight for justice in our own queer loving ways.

10 thoughts on “Ecosexy New Film By Celebrity Bernal Heights Neighbors Is “An Ecosexual Love Story”

  1. I am a West Virginian (from Morgantown) and am glad to see a neighbor tackling MTR. It’s so troubling — not just the practice itself but the threats, intimidation and violence used to silence anyone who questions the practice. My mother, who still lives in WV, fought for years against acid mine drainage and was able to win a settlement to clean up a creek near our house. But, even then, it was scary to go against big coal. I can definitely see the parallels with the fight for equal rights for LGBT individuals. I am excited to see the film! More power to you, Beth and Annie! As my old boss used to say, “fight fiercely!”

  2. Loved it. Caught it today but missed the Kate Bornstein doc before. Wish that one was being shown again.

  3. Incidentally, we watched a horrible documentary called Unhung Hero that was (supposedly) about a guy (who happened to also be an actor and comedian) who was dumped on (really staged) viral video proposing to his “girlfriend” (who seems more like a “free for reel” extra off Craigslist) at a basketball game. Supposedly (as he tells it), she told him it’s because he had a small member. The documentary is about him (and him and him) and his search for effective penis enlargement. What does this have to do with our beloved Bernal? Well, he meets up with Annie Sprinkle, who takes him to the north side of the top of the hill and instructs him to hump the earth. Our poor hill. Though an embedded foxtail would probably be the most effective means to the end he sought.

    Anyhow, for the omnibus of Bernal in Film, that clip is definitely a must-view.

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