14 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbors Receive “Parking Tickets of Love”

  1. Mad ❤ for creative Bernal Heightians. Through thick and thin, crime and punishment, highs (hills) and lows (flats), this is the spirit of why we love living here the best. Happy Valentines Day, my people. Love you all.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this is really mean? The chuckle at the end would not make up for the rush of adrenaline and frustration I’d get from seeing a parking ticket on my windshield.

  3. I got one way the heck out here on the Great Hwy! It was way early too… 9am ish. Rained on and looking like an official start to a bad day, the ticket had my groggy head spinning. Then, wait a second…Lt. Love? Official start to best day. Thanks, Bernies!

  4. Making someone think they have a ticket they may not be able to afford so some asshat ‘creative’ ‘fun-loving’ type can get a smug, self-satisfied feeling about themselves?

    And I assume they translated in accurately in Spanish on the back? Chinese? Or did they just leave a non-english speaking recipient panicked until they got someone to translate it for them the next day?

    Jesus wept.

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