Bernal Heights Library Manager Featured in Celebrity Librarian Photo Shoot


America’s librarians held a big get-together in Philadelphia last month, and Photographer Kyle Cassidy was on hand to take some pictures:

When you think of a librarian, what image comes to mind? Photographer Kyle Cassidy ventured to the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia in January to explore that question. In between networking, educational events, and panels, librarians from across the country stopped by Cassidy’s makeshift studio to sit for a portrait. The result is a celebration of the diversity in the librarian community.

Representing the Dominion of Bernalwood, our very own Bernal Heights Library Branch Manager, Mel Gooch, stepped in front of Cassidy’s camera for a celebrity librarian photo shoot. That’s her up above. Gooooo Mel!

PHOTO: Mel Gooch by Kyle Cassidy

5 thoughts on “Bernal Heights Library Manager Featured in Celebrity Librarian Photo Shoot

  1. It’s true, I’ve accepted a position at the Main Library as the Learning and Instruction Coordinator for the system. But don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me! Working with the Bernal Library patrons and staff are still in my job description 🙂

    Working at this library has been a tremendous pleasure and I will miss working here every day. Eternal thanks to the Bernal Community for welcoming me with open arms! I really admire the positive spirit and the wonderful feeling of community in Bernal Heights.

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