Clever Infographic Shows Where Runners Run in Bernal Heights


The FlowingData website just posted a set of spiffy infographics that visualize where people go running in a variety of fabulous cities:

A lot of people make their workouts public on a variety of services, so there’s definitely accessible data. I use RunKeeper for cycling. I sampled from there.

The maps below are what I got, mostly for American cities, but there are a few European cities in there too (alphabetical order). If there’s one quick (and expected) takeaway, it’s that people like to run by the water and in parks, probably to get away from cars and the scenery.

So, this is New York City:


And this is Paris:


Bernalwood is vain and narcissistic, so we just had to zoom and enhance to create a map that’s all about us.  So where do people who like to run like to run in Bernal Heights?


Mostly, around Bernal Hill, via Folsom from Cesar Chavez. Some enjoy the Esmeralda stairs. Precita carries a lot of east-west traffic. The hardcores loop around both Holly Park and Bernal Hill.

MAPS: via FlowingData

9 thoughts on “Clever Infographic Shows Where Runners Run in Bernal Heights

    • I was wondering why Central Park was seemingly so underrepresented, but getting 30,000 people on the same route every year will skew things!

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