Style Blog Declares Bernal Heights Increasingly Stylish



Watch out all you Mission cool kids; Bernal Heights is on the scene. We may be aging up here on the hill, but hey, we’ve still got it!

Yesterday Refinery 29 made it so official:

For those who think the Mission is where it’s at these days, we’re here to put you in check. We’d be lying if we said Bernal Heights is an on-the-rise ‘hood, because the truth is, it’s already at the top. To prove that it’s the happening place to be, we’ve created this definitive short list of must-visit spots.

You might want to clear out that iCal, because we’re unloading a whopping 22 spots to set your sights on, pronto! Whether you’re in the mood for a brand-spankin’-new pizzeria or a jaw-dropping view of the city, it’s time to show Bernal some much-deserved love. Put on your exploring gear and make your way over.

I know, right? Refinery 29 has a photo guide for their Bernal to-do list, for your clicky clicky.

IMAGES: Refinery 29

17 thoughts on “Style Blog Declares Bernal Heights Increasingly Stylish

    • They left a lot of gems off the list, for sure. But you know… tourists.

      Anyway, by treaty, San Jose Blvd is Bernal’s western frontier with the Noe hinterlands. So maybe Mitchell’s isn’t on our side of the street, but we can claim if for our cool quotient, just as we have for many moons about the Palace Steak House on the north side of CChavez. This is how Bernal wins hearts and minds.

  1. Rock Bar isn’t really Bernal either. Bernal Adjacent, sure. Same for Front Porch. But whatever, Bernal-ish, I get it. Also, it was cool to see El Rio in the first episode of HBO’s “Looking”.

  2. The Wildside West has been around longer than any of these places combined. I’m grateful for whom ever put together this map for not including it!

  3. Any idea why the map shows 3438 Mission St. instead of Cafe St. Jorge? I love that spot and it seems to be a bit of a bummer to not get their name out there.

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